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Sixth Form College in North West England

Implementation of an open ITT for fast, compliant direct award to an existing supplier


When its existing contract for specialist cleaning services was nearing its end, a further education provider approached eXceeding for help to re-contract directly with its incumbent supplier.

With the current contract close to expiry, time was tight to explore the routes to market that would enable the college to direct award without the need for a full tendering process.

eXceeding recommended running an Open Procedure ITT, which the college would be able to call off services through once the supplier had been onboarded and the necessary documentation completed.

Within six weeks, the college had in place a new, five-year contract with its supplier, with additional clauses guaranteeing price protection in an inflationary environment and requiring secure vetting of the supplier’s staff.

The background.

The college had an existing contract with a supplier to provide specialist cleaning services, but that contract was nearing its expiry date. The supplier had been providing excellent service, so there was a desire to maintain the relationship for a further five-year period.

With not sufficient time to carry out its usual tendering process, the college approached eXceeding looking for a quick and compliant way to award a new contract directly to their incumbent supplier.

The challenge.

The new contract needed to be in place before the existing one expired, but the incumbent supplier was not present on any mainstream frameworks. The college needed a compliant way to award a new contract by direct award – as quickly as possible.

How eXceeding helped.

Following in-depth consultation with college stakeholders, eXceeding’s procurement experts began exploring possible options to re-contract with the supplier. After evaluating these options, an Open Procedure ITT was recommended as providing the optimal route to market for the college to call off services from the incumbent supplier through compliant direct award.


clock with four arrows round the outside of it

Six-week turnaround

Compliant direct award

Clock image and an arrow pointing right

Five-year contract duration

Additional clauses to protect against annual fee uplift
and enable secure vetting of supplier’s staff

The outcome.

The team at eXceeding guided the supplier and the college through the process of undertaking an Open Procedure ITT, including supporting them to complete any necessary documentation.

The specification was reviewed, and a recommendation made to include a DBS-checking policy for the supplier’s staff within the schedule of works – a must for any further education establishment.

Finally, our procurement team ensured the new contract included all the necessary terms and conditions and clauses ready for the supplier to sign, including one preventing any annual uplift in costs for inflation during the contract period.

The entire procurement process – including completion of the schedule of works and contract – was condensed in order to meet the tight timescales required, providing the college with a fit-for-purpose solution that ticked all the boxes required.