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There are a number of reasons you may be looking to reduce your costs:

  • As part of your annual budgeting cycle, or overarching strategic objectives to optimise spend.
  • When you want to be more transparent with your senior team; to improve procurement’s positioning in the boardroom and affect profit margins.
  • During periods of economic turbulence, where the requirement is to release budget to help with the long-term stability and longevity of the organisation.
  • As part of a growth agenda, helping to free up business expenditure so that you can nurture innovation and expansion plans.
  • You need to improve the competitiveness of your service/products.

Whatever the reason, you need the internal capacity to access the right data, understand the detail and find the opportunities for cost cutting. A fresh pair of eyes can help you spot the real opportunities, whilst acknowledging the impact that cutting costs may make on the organisation.

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  • Is your existing supplier contract coming to an end or no longer fit-for-purpose?
  • Perhaps you’ve just been briefed on a new procurement requirement?
  • Do you need to review your tendering process to become more effective?

Running a tender can be challenging, especially if you have a lack of internal capacity or category expertise. And despite best laid plans, sometimes there isn’t enough time or resource to truly manage your procurement activities.

Whatever is driving your need for external support, you need unbiased information and expert procurement solutions so that you can select the right supplier and solution, at the right price, with a process that is efficient and strategically aligned with your organisation’s goal.

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It’s likely you feel like your relationship has hit an impasse and you need some assistance in finding a long-term resolution.

Perhaps you feel like your organisation’s view of supplier relationship management (SRM) is decentralised and, as a result, your costs are creeping up and your relationship feels one-sided.

We often see discussions only starting when procurement problems arise or when there is a natural break point in the contract, especially when the focus has been set on the purchase of the goods, services or raw materials.

You need to move from a tactical approach to strategic supplier management so that you can extract value throughout the lifetime of the contract, regain control over your spend profile and collaborate with your suppliers to create win-win partnerships.

What’s the solution?


The ‘overwhelm cycle’ is a common challenge in every organisation. You strive to get core procurement tasks done, whilst simultaneously trying to focus on longer-term strategic projects that will help you to grow and innovate.

Your senior leaders have set procurement process, cost or growth goals and the existing team don’t have the internal capacity or the skills.

You are therefore in a need of additional IR35 compliant staff in the short-term to support the project. Or you are potentially looking into the option of outsourcing processes or functions, to give existing staff the space they need to use their skills and knowledge more effectively.

What’s the solution?


Speak to a procurement expert

Maybe you are the Head of IT, Finance, Marketing, Production, etc. who has identified a need to innovate your processes. You are looking for new solutions but you are not sure what is available, what benefits they will bring, who supplies them and what the costs are.

Perhaps you are a procurement professional charged with running a tender on behalf of your organisation and need to understand the options available within that category.

You want a solution that will help you to achieve your objectives. Knowing what the options are and, more importantly, what is right for your organisation and your sector, is a common procurement problem we see when procuring goods or services. Reaching out to market or category experts who have a thorough knowledge of the solution you need makes things easier, quicker and more cost-effective.

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Running a tender can be complex and adding unfamiliar portals into the mix can make it more challenging.

Perhaps you don’t have the existing software in-house and are not in a position to invest in a platform that you will only use occasionally.

Maybe you have legacy systems or processes and want to become more efficient. The challenge is understanding what is available on the market, assessing whether they would work for your organisation and mapping how they would integrate with your existing systems.

You are therefore looking for guidance or procurement strategy consulting from people who can audit your current IT landscape, know the tools available and the understanding on how to use them effectively.

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Are you a procurement professional in an organisation that is held accountable by external stakeholders, members or auditors, etc.?

If you are in a third sector, public sector, charity, membership organisation or a highly regulated organisation this is likely to be a challenge that you face regularly. You have a need to assess your procurement processes to ensure they are fit for purpose and that you are spending your investors’, sponsors’, members’ or tax payers’ money effectively.

Alternatively, you are in a fast-track SME and need to have good governance and processes to support your application for additional funding, therefore your procurement needs to be completely transparent to your potential investors.

In either situation, you will be looking to audit or assess your current processes and tools. You’ll need to define how and where you spend your money, check for value leakage and potentially compare yourself with your peers, to produce transparent reports for an external audience.

What’s the solution?


There is little doubt that the world has been spun on its axis over the last couple of years. From COVID-19 to Brexit, there are a number of VUCA challenges that have influenced supply chain performance and sustainability.

You have likely been impacted by supply issues or price volatility and are looking at diversifying your supplier base, or onshoring previously offshore solutions. You’ll want to minimise these risks in the future, support your organisational resilience and lock in budget certainty over the short-term.

You may also have been asked to report on other risks within your supply chain by your senior leadership team, such as modern slavery, GDPR, cyber security, gender pay reporting or CSR.

As a result, you are looking for external procurement strategy consulting support to assess your current supplier risk, provide insights into alternative suppliers and potentially renegotiate terms with existing suppliers.

What’s the solution?


Great news! Your organisation is evolving and growing and now your COO has approved investment in your procurement function.

Question is, how do you do this?

Growth and scale are another common problem we see, especially in SME and mid-tier organisations. Quite often procurement has been quite organic and ad-hoc, perhaps led by department heads rather than an overarching procurement team with a defined strategy.

As organisations evolve, as does the need to improve your people, processes and tools to create an enabling function that will support the business in the longer-term. You therefore need an expert procurement strategy consultancy to help roadmap your route to achieving your objectives.

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You might know it as a bid, proposal, tender, quote, a response to an ITT or RFP – but we refer to the act of responding to a competitive bid request, bidding.

Bidding for business is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time, resource and a very particular set of skills to assess a tender request and draft a high-scoring, quality proposal to win a bid.

We can help with everything from the initial bid strategy, through to planning our your response and writing and reviewing your bid.

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