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Strategic Procurement Transformation.

We know that procurement functions can vary in shape, size and effectiveness, but one thing is common; they need to continually evolve to create competitive advantage for your organisation.

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What does procurement transformation mean?

  • Is your organisation growing and you aren’t sure where to start with creating a procurement function?
  • Maybe your procurement function has grown organically but needs to become more focused, with a clear operating model?
  • Perhaps your organisation has developed new objectives and you want your strategic sourcing to become a clear enabler of those new goals?

Whatever challenge you may be facing, our experts can help create a strategic procurement transformation plan, to facilitate growth and positive change in your organisation.

Successful strategic procurement transformation takes a holistic look at your procurement and supply chain functions, providing a blueprint of your operating model.

This includes:

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Ryan Jones

Ryan is an MCIPS qualified procurement professional with a wealth of private and public sector experience across various categories, including Estates, FM, Professional Services and Construction.

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Procurement Transformation | Digital Transformation Procurement | eXceeding

Procurement strategy

Process design

Organisational structure


Tools and technology

Performance metrics

Factors Looked At During A Procurement Transformation Plan:

The Benefits Of Strategic Procurement Transformation:

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  1. Have a clear focus on the areas that really need to be transformed, rather than trying to address the whole process.
  2. Uncover your strengths and opportunities within your procurement function, some of which may be hidden or less obvious before the process.
  3. Identify areas where technology and digitalisation can be beneficial throughout your procurement function and processes.
  4. Improve the employee culture by identifying areas for development, training and upskilling.
  5. Gather evidence to educate executive teams, reposition procurement as a vital part of the organisation’s overarching business strategy and support your business case for change.
  6. Focus on objectives and key performance indicators and create an achievable plan to reach your goals.

Procurement transformation consultants.

Identifying the need for a new procurement strategy is just the first stage of your journey.

Without an organisation-wide strategic approach to procurement, there may be a lack of understanding around purchasing activities; which leads to business units procuring on their own terms, inefficient or admin-heavy processes, budget overspend and ineffective supplier relationships. But, quite often, organisations do not have the internal capacity, market knowledge or project management skills needed to successfully transform their procurement function.

At eXceeding, we understand that appointing procurement transformation consultants is an investment for any organisation. That is why we focus on ensuring tailored, practical and achievable outcomes.

Our approach to procurement transformation

The eXceeding procurement consultancy approach starts your procurement transformation journey by running a full procurement diagnostic. This involves:

Procurement Transformation | Digital Transformation Procurement | eXceeding

The output of this procurement consultancy process is not only a strategic vision for your procurement function, but – more importantly – a very clear implementation plan, phased over your defined period (usually 1-3 years) that is suitable for your organisation, your industry and your size.

This bespoke action plan provides you with a clear and pragmatic pathway to success; starting with the quick wins – areas where you can immediately see benefits and realise value.

We can then also support your journey with additional procurement consulting services as required, such as cost reduction, resourcing, outsourcing or supplier relationship management.


Digital procurement transformation.

One key area of procurement transformation for your organisation may be digitalisation.

Digital procurement transformation brings a wealth of benefits to any organisation. The ability to leverage technological advancements can; improve processes, provide real-time insights into operations and costs, enhance your reporting and analytics capabilities and provide more insightful data-driven decision making.

Often, organisations do not have the internal knowledge of the options available to them, or how best to make use of existing or new solutions.

Digital procurement transformation also offers the opportunity to improve transparency and can open the doors to innovation across your entire supply chain. Integrating the right technology will centralise your data, help you to monitor your suppliers and plan for current or future risk. It also provides an opportunity for you to share data and open up conversations with your suppliers; creating space for brainstorming new processes or products.

eXceeding’s digital procurement consultants are on top of digital innovations in the market place and can ensure best-fit technology solutions for your business, as well as supporting the associate change management project involved in bringing in new technologies and processes.

We even offer our own dynamic purchasing system that can support key elements of the procurement process, such as SQs, PQQs, ITTs and scoring.

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