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Quality Policy.

Our mission at eXceeding is to provide impartial and unbiased services to businesses to help them achieve the best services and solutions for their needs, whether that is winning business, seeking to reduce overall spend without reducing quality of service or finding the right provider.

The quality of the services we provide is based on the following cornerstones of our business:

  • Efficient and effective systems and work methods
  • Competent people
  • Effective planning
  • Performance measurement and feedback
  • Continuous improvement

Efficient and effective systems and work methods.

To ensure that we provide a consistent service in an efficient and effective manner we capture the best practices in our systems, procedures, work instructions and guidelines. This suite of documents
and systems are maintained current, audited to verify that they are being implemented and reviewed at defined intervals.

Competent people.

The quality of our service relies not only on the effectiveness of our systems and work methods, but also on the competencies of our people. To ensure that our people are competent we assess their
competency prior to their first client engagement and subsequently on an annual basis in addition to overseeing performance on assignments.

Effective planning.

Each client assignment is planned and responsibilities clearly defined to be able to adequately resource projects.

Performance measurement and feedback.

We continuously monitor our performance in terms of the services and deliverables provided to our clients.

We monitor performance in the following ways:

  • Peer reviews
  • Client feedback
  • Customer Complaints
  • Internal audits
  • Management reviews

Each of these provide a valued source for improving what we do and how we do it.

Continuous improvement.

We strive to continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness of our systems and work methods to ensure that we understand and exceed client expectations 100% of the time.

Root causes of issues are analysed and documented and appropriate corrective and preventative actions planned.


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