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Cost Reduction Consultants

Cost reduction, or cost optimisation how it is also known, is the process of continuously analysing your spend against the products and services that you procure, to reduce costs whilst maintaining value for money. Our expert cost reduction consultants can help you to get the best value from your procurement operations, whilst also helping improve your business efficiencies, working practices, engaged supplier relations and innovation through robust business cost reduction strategies.

Why do you need cost reduction consultants?

We often see organisations making buying decisions quickly, sometimes at the point of necessity. Supplier contract terms that are written by their legal teams are accepted but not fully understood or managed due to lack of staff capacity or experience in managing complex supplier relationships.

Add to this limited visibility of data – both in terms of your own spend and wider market data for benchmarking purposes – and you can see how it can be tricky for internal teams to be certain that they are getting value for money.

We understand how to pragmatically optimise costs and create detailed cost reduction strategies, without compromising on value or service levels, through our cost reduction consultancy solution.

Image of BD & Sales Director, Mick O'Donnell

Mick O’Donnell

Mick spent 20+ years working for EDS and HP in the IT and BPO outsourcing industry, solutioning and managing complex Pan-European delivery models. This background has created a real passion for service excellence and delivering solutions that deliver true value.

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The power of data.

Drive data-enhanced decisions with dashboards that empower, provide clarity and deliver category-level insights.

We support your cost reduction strategies with a platform that will offer instant access to high-level summaries, as well as granular-level detail. We’ll help you see your spending patterns and react quickly to market shifts, uncover cost-saving opportunities and optimise your procurement strategy.

Laptop showing images of category insights dashboard

Drill down into specific categories, suppliers and transactions with ease.

Category Drilldown
Laptop showing screenshot of category drill down dashboard

See proactive insights to control category costs and service expenses.

Supply Matrix

Laptop showing screen shot of supplier matrix dashboard

Transform complex supply chain data into actionable insights that will help manage risk, prioritise suppliers and ensure uninterrupted supply chains.


Laptop showing screenshot of reports dashboard

Filter, compare and analyse these customisable dashboards to make data-driven decisions with ease.

Parent Supplier Drilldown

Laptop showing screen shot of parent supplier drill-down dashboard

Dive deeper into category spend and payment details to identify hidden opportunities.

Category Initiatives Drilldown

Laptop showing screenshot of category initiatives dashboard

Real-time visibility into initiative effectiveness, supplier performance and savings achieved.

Support with cost optimisation.

In tough economic times, business cost reduction strategies are not just a ‘nice to have’, they are an essential part of your organisation’s strategy. Any successful organisation should have an optimised cost structure that is constantly reviewed and challenged, but very few achieve this consistently due to the relentless demands of day-to-day operations.

Often, raising cost reduction questions with senior stakeholders in your organisation or existing supplier network can be challenging. This is where working with an external cost reduction consultancy who provide cost reduction services, like us, can really help. We can support you with cost optimisation by asking the right questions and focus on your finances, people, processes, systems, suppliers and spend to identify where you can deliver the most value.

When it comes to keeping your costs under control, there is no one-size-fits-all answer that will work for every organisation. The industry sector, size of the organisation and its own particular supply chain needs will all combine to determine what is appropriate.

As part of our procurement cost optimisation solution, we provide a structured and focused assessment of what is possible for your organisation, ensuring that fair, balanced and transparent deals are secured and, in turn, create long-term value and sustainable benefits.

How do our cost reduction consultants work?

  1. Strategy
    Firstly, we take a deep dive into your challenge, speaking to stakeholders and understanding exactly what it is your organisation is looking to achieve and ensure the aims align with the strategic goals for the organisation.
  2. Spend diagnostics
    We analyse your current spend situation at critical business and category levels, to get a comprehensive understanding of how you can reduce your cost base sustainably and increase your profitability and competitiveness.  Tools and techniques we use may include; creating a single taxonomy where we look at your different levels of spend, use of benchmarking data, or a spend cube.
  3. Opportunities and priorities
    We scope organisation requirements, assess alternatives, understand the market and suppliers and rapidly identify the areas where you can save costs, improve efficiencies and add value. We provide a set of  recommendations, prioritised based on scale of opportunity and ease of implementation, as well as identifying accountable owners for the delivery and execution of the plan.
  4. Execution
    We tackle the quick wins to plug any value leakage and target immediate areas for cost optimisation. We then manage and deliver an optimisation programme that helps you transition to the new normal in your defined time frame by managing your suppliers and helping your team to adopt any new processes or technologies.

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The benefits of using our cost reduction consultancy

Working with eXceeding’s cost reduction specialists means that you benefit from our team’s practical approach to category management, procurement, cost optimisation, industry specific benchmark data, contract renegotiation and running tenders.

Our specialist team of cost optimisation experts brings a unique insight into supplier management, negotiations and renegotiations having sat on both sides of the corporate and public sector negotiating table.

We use this expert knowledge and real-world experience to offer a practical cost reduction services that are adaptable and fit for the evolution of your organisation.

Realise the benefits.

Defined strategy
To help reduce spend, lower overheads,
consolidate suppliers and drive efficiencies.

Optimum solution
For your organisation’s needs, in line with
the best the market and sector have to offer.

Improved processes
Innovative ways of working with value creation
embedded in the culture of your business.

More effective supplier relationship
management for the long-term.

Reduced risk
A sustainable supply chain and
improved supplier diversity.

Robust contracts
Agreements that protect your
organisation’s interests and needs.

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