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Environmental Policy.

We at eXceeding believe that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being of our staff, associates, customers and society as a whole. It is imperative for a sustainable and strong economy for this and upcoming generations.

Whilst we do not manufacture goods we all need to understand that diverse, healthy natural resources such as fresh water, oceans, air, forests, grasslands, and agro-systems – are critical components of social and sustainable economic development. Forests provide a massively important contribution to the environment and biodiversity. A key challenge for society is to manage the competing human pressures on land, soil and vegetation without undermining crucial ecosystems.

We all have to take our responsibility for environmental stewardship seriously both in what eXceeding does and what the advice we provide to our clients. To that end, we shall work to ensure that when we undertake any activity its impact on the environment is considered. Wherever possible we shall work with clients and suppliers alike to ensure that those impacts are kept to a minimum and whenever feasible avoided. With this in mind we have established the following specific objectives:

  • Reduce travel
  • Reduce electrical energy consumption
  • Reduce paper usage and wastage
  • Maximise recycling
  • Encourage clients to support the environment
  • Dispose items and waste responsibly
  • Raise awareness of ISO14001

We shall seek additionally to create new business opportunities that benefit the environment. We shall work with all within the supply chain and our sphere of influence to identify policy measures that are creative, meaningful and provide real solutions to environmental problems while recognising the importance of economic growth and well-being.

In pursuing these objectives we shall not stray from our central business objective of creating long-term value for our stakeholders and serving the long-term interests of our clients.

We all have our part to play whether it be the recycling of materials, the consolidating of deliveries or simply ensuring that there are no dripping taps and unneeded heating and lighting is switched off.


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