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Tender Support Services.

Our expert tender support services can help you manage every aspect of running a tender process.

Running a competitive tender is a chance to align procurement with your organisation’s strategic goals. It’s a chance to innovate, drive down costs and realise the value of the goods and services you buy.

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Complete Tender Support & Management

Running and managing a full tender can be a resource heavy task. You need to consider; your organisation’s strategic objectives, category requirements, legal and contractual agreements, audits and governance. You also need to ensure a clear plan for transitioning to the new solution once the tender process is complete and a plan for monitoring and managing it once you are back to business as usual.

So where do you start? This is where eXceeding comes in.


Steve Rowland - eXceeding Managing Director

Steve Rowland

Before eXceeding, Steve spent 16 years working on the supplier-side of outsourcing. During Steve’s 24 years’ experience, he has worked on global and UK outsourcing deals, ensuring the creation of win-win partnerships.

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Have you experienced any of these tender process challenges?

Tender Support Services | Tender Management | eXceeding

You don’t have the time or resource to run a cohesive tender process.


Tender Support Services | Tender Management | eXceeding

You lack the category or market expertise to select the best available solution.

Tender Support Services | Tender Management | eXceeding

You need to reduce costs or get more out of existing supplier agreements.

Tender Support Services | Tender Management | eXceeding

Your contract is no longer fit for purpose or coming to an end.

Tender Support Services | Tender Management | eXceeding

You are in the public sector or need transparency for stakeholders.

Tender Support Services | Tender Management | eXceeding

You need a robust process to help select, negotiate and transition to a new supplier.

Looking for expert tender support services?

We understand that running your tender process can be daunting, especially if you have a lack of internal subject matter expertise or capacity.

Even the terminology is confusing – SQs, PQQs, RFIs, RFQs, RFPs, ITTs – what’s the difference? Ultimately these are all acronyms for the process of running a competitive tender to secure the best possible supplier to meet your needs.

Our tender support services will help you guarantee a detailed, accurate tender, so that you are able to attract the best possible bids to your tender.

How can we help?

At eXceeding, we have supported businesses with first-time tenders, experienced organisations who are looking to improve its existing tender process, across both the public and private sector. Our comprehensive tender support services will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation’s procurement activity.

Tender Support Services | Tender Management | eXceeding

10 ways eXceeding’s tender support services can help with your next tender:

  1. Free up resource and enable your internal teams to work on more organisational-critical tasks.
  2. Coordinate the necessary input from all of the key stakeholders.
  3. Provide essential category or market knowledge to get the best out of the tender process, especially for large or complex projects (e.g. IT, FM, outsourcingpublic sector procurement ).
  4. Understand your strategic organisational or category needs and translate that into a practical solution.
  5. Ask all the right questions and nail down the scoring criteria. This helps the supplier understand the requirements and gives you the best chance of selecting the right solution.
  6. Create clear and concise tender documentation based on best practice and lessons learnt from running hundreds of tenders through our tender writing services.
  7. Benchmark against the marketplace and adhere to compliance or frameworks. This makes everything auditable and transparent and leaves you with a process that can be replicated for future tenders.
  8. Review contracts so you are offered the best commercials, terms and conditions.
  9. Open and maintain communication between you and the supplier, including negotiations at the selection stage, to achieve best value and accountability in the ongoing relationship.
  10. Support the transition from current to desired state and beyond with supplier relationship management.

Ultimately, our aim is to give you unbiased information and tender management expertise so that you can select the right supplier and solution, at the right price, to achieve your strategic goals.


Need advanced tender management support?

You may already have a strategy for running procurement tenders; you may even have a defined and documented process; but how can you optimise your tender activities and support your internal capacity over the long term?

Despite best laid plans, sometimes there isn’t enough time or resource to truly manage your procurement activities.

Even the biggest companies or government departments cannot always attract or retain the sector or category knowledge needed to run and manage a full tendering process.

Our tender management consultancy provides a host of insights around market advancements and growing competition, making you think deeper about your desired outcomes. By providing tender services that really are tailored to your needs, our specialists can also open your organisation up to evolution and pragmatic change.

The key objective for all of our tender management consultancy projects is collaboration. We work with you to fully understand your requirements, provide you with good guidance and give you the best and honest advice.

Our specialist tender services team can assist you at any point in the process; working with you on end-to-end tender projects, or simply providing support for specific activities, such as tender writing services or spend categories.

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