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Re-tendering outsourced IT managed services

About Capco.

Capco is one of the largest listed property companies in central London, with key assets including the landmark Covent Garden estate and the development of Earls Court. They create and grow value through a combination of creative asset management and strategic investments.


Capco had a longstanding, outsourced IT managed services support contract. However, following acquisition of the original support provider by another organisation, concerns were being raised within Capco regarding the quality of service being provided by the newly merged companies.

These services included the management of virtualised servers, key industry standard applications and additional services provided under an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivery model.

Because all these IT systems were of critical importance to Capco, a decision was made to engage eXceeding to lead and manage a project to investigate the provision of a new, consolidated, service support approach.

The main focus of the project was to understand the incumbent’s contract and then seek to improve on their current situation, whether to renegotiate the existing contracts or to go out to tender for new supplier. In addition, it was viewed as an opportunity to review their current IT strategy following any opportunities the project might provide.

The challenge.

We identified 3 key challenges which needed to be addressed as part of the project:

Business critical systems
With inappropriate and out of date outsourced support contracts

Lack of service management
And marketplace knowledge in-house

Short timescale
To take advantage of a natural contract break point

The solution.

eXceeding mobilised a team of IT and IT service management experts. After undertaking a lengthy discovery phase, the decision was taken to run a formal service procurement project during which the entire service delivery and strategy of their IT landscape was addressed across 4 key stages:

  1. The first stage was to perform an in-depth review of Capco’s existing services. This included documenting areas such as technologies, operational resilience, service and maintenance, service management, reporting, commercial structure and contractual model.
  2. Following the review, eXceeding deployed a team of highly skilled procurement consultants to undertake the day-to-day management of the project and, where required, assist with the delivery of work streams and ‘business as usual’ support. This provided Capco with the reassurance that project management and governance were in the hands of a trusted and capable partner.
  3. Subject matter experts within eXceeding used sector knowledge to undertake a sector-specific discovery exercise, formally identifying and engaging with a group of service providers with the capability to deliver a consolidated and cost-effective delivery approach.
  4. A two-stage PQQ and RFP service provider selection process was designed, documented and executed by eXceeding. This involved the design of the procurement process, creation of tender documents, provider engagement, development of SLAs, KPI review and evaluation of bidders responses, contract review and commercial negotiations on behalf of Capco. A final stage bidder presentation process was also designed and implemented to assess cultural fit and select the ultimate service provider.


9 month
contract term

Improved process
Internal service delivery and IT strategy

Supplier consolidation
With ‘fit for purpose’ contracts

Significant savings
In terms of time and cost

The future.

The process resulted in significant time and cost savings, and improved contracts, which are now enabling Capco to improve on their internal processes and service delivery.

They are now satisfied they have found a reliable resource in eXceeding and plan to engage then again in future to review contracts for compliance and any new opportunities or needs that arise.