HASSRA - Case Study - eXceeding
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Formed in 1935, HASSRA is a membership association open to current and former staff working for the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC), Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and associated executive agencies and public bodies.

They offer sporting, recreational and cultural activities, as well as discounts and membership benefits. With 12 affiliated regional associations and hundreds of local clubs and societies, HASSRA has something for everyone.


eXceeding was selected by HASSRA as a result of our vast experience in working with membership organisations and successfully running tenders on their behalf.

They tasked us with a procurement review of their provision of discounted cinema tickets. They had been working with the same provider for some time. HASSRA was looking for a new and improved service for their members.

After an initial review, we advised them to run an OJEU aligned tender process (there was no need for them to be fully compliant in this instance, which we helped them gain legal confirmation of).

Our consultants then ran the entire process, from shortlisting all the way through to transitioning to the new provider. We even supported the chosen partner in acquiring ISO certification which was one of the conditions of the contract we drafted.

The challenge.

We identified 3 key challenges which needed to be addressed as part of the project:

Lack of internal experience
In running tenders or category knowledge to manage the supplier selection process

Fully transparent process
HASSRA needed to be confident that the process was fully transparent and OJEU aligned, to ensure compliance and best value for its members

More flexible contract
Required that offered improved benefits for its members

The solution.

eXceeding ran the entire OJEU aligned procurement process as follows:

  1. After reviewing HASSRA’s requirements we recommended an OJEU aligned tender process to select a new provider.
  2. Having identified the need for a more flexible contract for HASSRA, we went on to work with their legal advisors who were recommended by eXceeding to build a contract from scratch. This was aligned with the needs of the organisation and set out clear KPIs and SLAs for the selected partner to adhere to.
  3. We designed the tender documentation, identified potential suppliers and shortlisted these alongside HASSRA’s key stakeholders. We then managed the Q&A process, evaluated and scored the responses and advised both the successful and unsuccessful parties.
  4. The final step was to manage the transition to the new supplier. We assisted HASSRA in project managing this process, including advising the selected provider on how to obtain ISO certification, which was a condition of the new contract.


7 month
Contract term

Smooth transition
With no service interruption for members

Project management
The project was delivered on time & on budget

OJEU aligned procurement process

The future.

HASSRA now has a fully bespoke contract in place which meets the specific needs of its members.

This has helped to improve the service levels that they are receiving, as well as the supplier relationship – as both parties fully understand their responsibilities.