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Social Value in Procurement.

Social value is more than just a buzzword, it’s about creating long-term positive changes to communities that are measurable. Our experts can help you interpret, apply and evaluate social value across your procurement projects to make a real impact.


What is social value?

Social value is the broader impact your organisation has on the local community and wider society. In procurement, social value goes beyond financial considerations to also focus on how purchasing decisions and chosen suppliers can benefit residents, promote equality and address sustainability challenges across the three key factors below.

Some examples on ways you can apply social value within your contracts, includes:

  • Employing apprentices
  • Awarding to local contractors
  • Providing training or mentoring to employees, or the local population.
  • Assisting in working towards or achieving Net Zero
  • Focusing on employee well-being and health and safety.

For public sector procurement teams, the need to use public funds effectively and responsibly is of paramount importance, so being able to understand and measure social value impact is key.

Profile picture of business development manager Leigh Hatfull

Leigh Hatfull

Leigh works collaboratively with organisations across the public & private sectors. He helps define procurement challenges and navigate the options, then proposing solutions to align with desired outcomes. He manages a client portfolio with services delivered from outsourced managed services down to short-term project support.

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The 3 key factors of social value

Employment opportunities, opening up apprenticeships and training

Improving health and well-being for local residents, addressing social exclusion and building stronger communities

Reducing carbon emissions, focusing on climate change, increasing sustainability and promoting biodiversity

How to maximise social value in your organisation.

To effectively maximise social value in procurement, organisations can take the following steps:

  Define your social value objectives.

  • Clearly articulate and communicate your social value objectives aligned with your organisation’s mission and values.
  • Engage stakeholders from various departments, suppliers or external groups to ensure diverse perspectives and comprehensive objectives.

  Incorporate your social value criteria.

  • Integrate social value criteria into your procurement evaluation processes alongside cost and quality considerations.
  • Develop evaluation frameworks that measure the potential impact of suppliers on social and environmental outcomes.

  Engage with your suppliers.

  • Encourage your existing or new suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to social value through policies, practices, and initiatives.
  • Foster conversations with suppliers to understand their approaches to social value and identify opportunities for collaboration.

  Monitor and measure.

  • Implement robust monitoring and measurement to track the social value delivered by suppliers.
  • Create an ethos of continuous improvement by regularly assessing the progress you have made towards social value objectives and identifying areas for improvement.

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Discover more about social value.

Our webinars feature some great tips and advice for improving social value in procurement, covering key themes such as:

  • How to interpret the Social Value Model for your organisation;
  • Considering social value during pre-procurement planning;
  • Market engagement & selection of routes to market;
  • Social value evaluation questions;
  • Awarding and managing contracts to measure social value objectives.

Get help with social value from eXceeding.

No matter where you are on your social value journey, eXceeding has a team of procurement experts who can support you. We can work with you to widen your social value impact, help you to identify the best supplier for your needs, work with your existing suppliers and identify meaningful reporting tools to provide feedback to your stakeholders.

We can also provide maturity assessments, training or workshops to increase your team’s knowledge, support with policy and documentation, contract management and continuous improvement.

We are committed to helping organisations maximise their social value and create a better world through procurement. Contact us to discuss your social value challenges.


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