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Interpreting and applying the Social Value Model for your organisation

Social value webinar series: part 1
By eXceeding on 8 June 2023



Social Value is a common topic in procurement conversations, but how do you apply Social Value principles in practice?

Conceptually, using procurement as lever to provide social value sounds great. But applying the theory and actually measuring how much is delivered, is a challenge for many organisations.

Social value must be part of pre-procurement planning in order to define meaningful outcomes to incorporate in specifications. These outcomes can be developed and tested through compliant market engagement, also ensuring the supply chain understands your requirements when they come to market.

In this webinar, Paula Jarvis MCIPS, Procurement Consultant and CIPS lecturer, discussed how to get to grips with the key social value themes early in the process as a foundation for success.


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Paula Jarvis
Paula Jarvis MCIPS has more than 16 years’ senior procurement experience across a variety of public sector organisations, including Housing Associations, Local Government and the NHS. She also shares this practical knowledge with budding new procurement professionals as a CIPS lecturer. She brings her passion and knowledge for sustainable and ethical procurement practices to every project she works on.

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