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Bid Strategy.

Winning work is a complex process. To beat the competition, you need a clear bid strategy and your bid response has to make you stand out from the rest.

Why develop a bid strategy?

When tenders come in it’s tempting to allocate questions and start writing your bid response straight away. Pause. Take the time to develop a bid strategy.

Developing the right bid strategy helps you to understand the market; what the customer wants, what the competition looks like, and ultimately what you need to do to maximise your position.

It helps you to understand the resources you will need to deliver the bid proposal and ensures that everyone involved is fully informed throughout the tender process. Spending time on developing the strategy up front will pay dividends when your team submits its final bid proposal.


Mick O'Donnell, exceeding bid strategy consultant

Mick O’Donnell

Mick spent 20+ years working for EDS and HP in the IT and BPO outsourcing industry, solutioning and managing complex Pan-European delivery models. This background has created a real passion for service excellence and delivering solutions that deliver true value.

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How do we approach bid strategy?

At eXceeding, we take a strategy-first approach.

We take time to analyse the requirements within the tender documentation, research the competition and identify any threats.

We work with your stakeholders to fully understand your organisation, your processes and your capabilities. Through our flexible, collaborative method, of formal and informal sessions with your management and bid team, we will help you identify the optimal strategy for your tender strategy.

We’ll then help you to describe those key threads that will make your bid shine against your competitors, and we’ll help you weave those threads throughout your submission.

Our final output is a clear and differentiated storyboard. Only once we have created the storyboard, will we start to plan out the bid response.

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Bid strategy service.

Bid proposal management – The eXceeding Way.

  1. Assess: Analyse and discuss the end buyer and their needs.
  2. Competitor analysis: Looking at your competitors to benchmark competitive threats and key improvement areas.
  3. Develop win themes: Developing themes, key messaging, and branding that will resonate with the customer.
  4. Internal resource: Ensuring your internal resources understand their role and each other to ensure win themes are consistent and collaborative.
  5. Bid Plan: Creating a coherent plan and timeline to ensure content is delivered on time.

Why outsource your bid strategy?

After an initial stage of qualification, the next decision as to whether to respond to a tender is usually down to the availability of internal resources to write the bid response.

Often it is left to individual heads of department or sometimes sales teams to draft initial bid proposals, without subject matter experts being consulted until later in the process. This can lead to inconsistent responses and a lack of clear and tailored examples of your organisation’s expertise.

eXceeding employs a national network of bid writing experts. This enables us to call on a category expert with current market knowledge of response writing within your chosen sector. Our team are responding to bids every day, so they understand how bids are scored and the selection criteria.



Outsourcing your bid strategy ensures:


The entire bid team understands the messages – this is crucial as often multiple stakeholders are required to present the response further through the process.


Themes and threads are consistent – by collating detail from multiple stakeholders and then centralising these, we can ensure a coherent response.


All stakeholders are clear as to their responsibilities – contributors and subject matter experts have a clear plan and direction.

How our bid strategy service helps with future bids.

The result is an increase in win rates and a reduction in bid costs as your internal resources are freed up to manage more pressing tasks.

We will also ensure that  your bid teams are upskilled – defining a clear and scalable process and developing a sound foundation from which you can grow your bid strategy for future bid responses.


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