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Bid Writing Service.

The best bids are those that address the questions directly, evidence key points and pay close attention to the scoring criteria.

Write your professional bid response.

Having developed a clear strategy and response plan, bid teams are in a great position to get it right – but it’s easy to go off-track when it comes to writing.

A bid response requires input from multiple stakeholders within an organisation. Sometimes category experts will each draft a section of the bid and then one person will collate the responses into the final draft. Other times, the person managing the bid will interview other members of the team to draft the response themselves.

In the first scenario, it is common for responses to be written in different styles, meaning that when it’s time to collate them into one document, the response feels inconsistent. In the second scenario, there is a lot of responsibility on the individual to ensure that they fully understand and interpret the requirements of the bid; as well as the responses from each of the internal contributors.

But are any of these contributors experienced in understanding the criteria for writing a winning bid or in tender writing? Maybe not.

This is where a bid writing consultants can really help.



Theny Monteith, bid response lead

Theny Monteith

Theny is an experienced bid lead, with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. She is skilled in Communication, Facilitation, Management, Law, and Relationship Building.

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Why outsource your bid writing?

Successful responses require tender writing skills and expertise that you may not have readily on hand; or maybe you just don’t have the time do as thorough job as you want?

Common issues our clients report when it comes to drafting a response to a tender request include:

  1. ‘Writer’s block – how to get started if you are faced with a blank sheet of paper.
  2. An inclination to write about ‘what you know’ rather than addressing the question.
  3. A lack of attention to detail when repurposing previous bids i.e., adopting a copy and paste mentality, as opposed to tailoring the responses to the questions.
  4. A lack of consistency in responses, often as a result of not having one person responsible for collating responses.
  5. A tendency to wait until late-in-the-day before the response is due to start writing.


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Bid writing service.

Professional bid writers – the eXceeding way.

Whether we go on to draft the full response, or support your contributors in preparing their individual responses, we follow the same process in our tender writing services:

  1. Check strategy: We review your strategy and response plan. If necessary, we revisit the tender documents and help you to understand the questions, scoring methodology and evaluation criteria.
  2. Develop win themes: Building on the response planning stage, our professional bid writers work with your internal team to develop key messages and USPs in order to define win themes.
  3. Gather information: We interview contributors and ensure that we have all of the information we (or they) need to draft a tailored bid response.
  4. Develop a first draft: Our bid writing consultants can then either write the response on your behalf, or support your individual contributors in writing their own sections, to ensure a coherent and consistent response, which scores highly.
  5. Review & amend: We review the content to ensure continuity and that win themes, and questions have been answered to the highest scoring possibility. Only then, will a final draft be approved and submitted.

Why choose eXceeding for your bid writing?

At eXceeding, we employ a national network of bid writing consultants. Each individual has specialist category expertise and up-to-date marketing knowledge of a specific sector or sectors. This allows us to call on the best possible person based on the work you are bidding for, or the sector you work in.

Our bid writers respond to bids every day, so they understand how to ensure that your response meets the scoring criteria. They are experts in breaking down complex tender documents into manageable groups of questions, which can then be posed to category experts within your organisation.

By following this process and outsourcing their bid writing to us, our clients have reported the following outcomes:

Next step?


A compelling response

Which is easy to read and score.

Consistent and clear

Responses, mapped to client requirements.

Increased win rates

By taking a ‘writing for marks’ approach.

Free up time

For contributors to work on business critical tasks.

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