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4 bespoke training sessions, across 3 locations, to improve internal bid processes.

About MASS.

MASS offers electronic operation warefare support, cyber security and digital forensics. Their intrinsic expertise in system engineering and project management enables them to deliver through-life capability in the form of high-technology solutions, training and trusted managed services, underpinned by a contract research and development capability.


MASS engaged eXceeding to prepare and deliver a series of bespoke training workshops in order to increase their win rates.

They wanted to include multiple stakeholders – from bid team members, to business development and technical teams – so it was important to tailor the sessions to suit different levels of bid-writing experience.

The brief was to improve their bid writing skills, using a better command of the English language and business-winning prose. MASS wanted help adopting a storyboard structure in order to speed up response times and streamline internal review processes, as well as improving the layout and format of their responses.

The challenge.

We identified 3 key challenges which needed to be addressed as part of the project:

MASS’s internal team members lacked experience in responding to bid requests.

Bids were disjointed, so there was a need to educate stakeholders in multiple departments on how best to construct winning content to help create consistent responses.

There was a need to engage employees and to ensure that their ideas and opinions were being heard, whilst defining processes and procedures for responding to bids.

The solution.

Our bid expert delivered four separate training sessions across 3 different MASS sites, engaging stakeholders from multiple departments.

  1. We started with research, to understand the challenges the team was facing and the nature of the work they intend to bid for. This informed the structure and content of the sessions.
  2. The training was planned and delivered to include the following key areas:
    • Bid process
    • Award criteria and scoring
    • Win strategies and themes
    • Proposal planning and response structures
    • Writing processes and styles
    • Executive summaries
    • Reviews and review benefits
    • Bid libraries, templates, standard responses
    • Staying motivated
  3. We additionally factored in the differing job roles and experience to ensure a positive experience for all.


4 training sessions

3 locations

Cross-department stakeholder
management and engagement

9.35/10 quality score from attendees for the
quality of the presenter and the training

100% of attendees agreed that the
sessions would improve bids

The future.

The team rated the quality of the content and presenter at 9.35/10 and 100% of attendees agreed that the sessions would improve their bid responses.

It’s likely that we will deliver some follow up review sessions in the future and we remain in contact with MASS to support in their continuous development. There is also the possibility that we will continue to offer higher-level bid writing support for business-critical bid responses.