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Expert bid management support to re-bid for a business critical global logistics contract.

About MLS.

MLS Overseas provides an invaluable logistics support system to humanitarian, military and commercial organisations throughout the world. This support system affords them the ability to meet the most challenging logistical problems often in the most demanding of situations. They have several decades of experience in servicing military contracts.


MLS contacted eXceeding when a key business contract – for port and maritime global logistics – was due for re bid into the Ministry of Defence.

Their previous bid was a starting point, but the procurement requirements had moved on. More complex answers were required and they felt they needed external expertise to deliver the response.

The tender documentation was indeed complex, with well over 20 days’ consultancy required to manage the response. Our team worked remotely but our lead consultant was also required to work from the MLS offices. This enabled him to personally collate responses from all major stakeholders and to manage the bid centrally, to ensure a coherent response.

The challenge.

We identified 3 key challenges which needed to be addressed as part of the project:

The procurement requirements had become more complex and MLS lacked the experience in managing more complex tender responses.

The procurement process had strict compliance procedures to follow and changing deadlines to navigate.

MLS was aware that they were facing a very high level of competition meaning that they would need an impressive proposal to retain the contract.

The solution.

The process to plan, write, review and submit the bid included the follow key stages:

  1. First, eXceeding’s team assessed the complex documentation and put in place a strawman project plan to tackle this bid response. There was then an extension, following a legal query by another bidder, but we continued to work effectively to plan the response and utilise the additional time.
  2. We then deployed a project/bid manager to oversee the 3 additional consultants, who would be responsible for crafting the answers and developing graphical elements for the proposal. Our team worked both remotely and onsite in collaboration with the MLS team. Elements of the onsite work were absolutely key in developing a full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses, service capability and culture.
  3. The eXceeding consultants were very aware that, given the nature of the service, the compliance of the bid should be uppermost in their minds as the bid developed. They worked closely with key MLS personnel to develop advanced technical content that would give the submission the standards required.
    The document produced was developed on the understanding that both electronic and hard copies would be required. eXceeding also helped MLS to ensure that the submission was printed in time and to a high and impressive standard.


Remote & on site
bid support

20 days’ consultancy

Assisted MLS in
retaining the contract

Navigated changes in deadlines and
resource management issues efficiently

Fully compliant and complex
bid procedures followed

The future.

The feedback from the MLS senior team was positive and they felt that the eXceeding team was great to work with and very patient with them given that they were inexperienced working with tenders of that magnitude.

Following the award, eXceeding helped MLS launch a challenge to the MOD procurement team. After many months this challenge ended in the high court with eXceeding giving key evidence to support MLS’ cause. The end result was positive for MLS and they continue to deliver the service today, which remains a vital and significant piece of the business.