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H & V Building Services

A bespoke bid process to create higher scoring bids.

About H & V.

H & V is a multiservice building contractor, supplying clients across three key divisions. The organisation was established in 1981, as a mechanical services contractor and the following few years saw an electrical division added to bolster the companies’ service offering. Since the turn of the century, H & V have been able to provide a full in-house turnkey operation, with the addition of a construction division


After a review of H & V’s existing processes, it was agreed that the best approach was for one of our bid writers – who had considerable experience in the construction sector – to conduct on site workshops on bid response best practices.

A full day’s bid workshop was held on site with all subject matter experts from the H & V bidding team, who would be involved in their submissions. This included director level stakeholders and the owner.

The workshop sessions were a mixture of standard best practice matter alongside sector-specific material, of the type that H & V would encounter. By making the workshop material relevant to them, they had greater reference points when dealing with the quality subject responses.

The challenge.

We identified 3 key challenges which needed to be addressed as part of the project:

H & V’s senior management were growing increasingly concerned over their win rates when responding to RFPs.

The internal team lacked experience in understanding the scoring criteria and needed help in tailoring their responses to the evaluator’s requirements.

There was no process in place for responding to bids and limited resources in-house, meaning that bids were not well-planned.

The solution.

eXceeding’s bid consultant planned and executed a bespoke training session with the key stakeholders at H & V.

  1. The first stage was to understand how H & V approached bid responses currently. We reviewed their tender response challenges and agreed their objectives in terms of new business direction.
  2. We went on to plan out the workshop. This included some areas which were standard requirements when drafting bid responses and some which were bespoke to H & V.
  3. We executed a full day’s workshop, including coverage and exercises on:
      • Bid qualification and opportunity hunting.
      • The bid process, award criteria, evaluations and scoring.
      • Developing win strategies and solid themes.
      • Assessing competition.
      • Developing key messages and branding.
      • Proposal planning – how to plan activities, structure responses.
      • Writing process – hints and tips.
      • Executive summaries.
      • Reviewing responses.
      • Publishing and portal upload.
      • Bid libraries, templates, standard responses.


Development of bespoke
workshop training materials

Saving time in
response writing

training session

Improved process for
future bid responses

More accurate bid responses
in line with scoring criteria

The future.

eXceeding went on to take part in a live bid writing exercise with H & V. The decision to no bid was agreed, however the senior team felt that the process was a great way of putting their training into practice.

H & V’s bid team now have the tools in-house to be able to respond to bid requests more efficiently. We are in contact and may also assist H & V in future as they outsource more complex tenders to our consultant.