National Education Union (NEU) - Case Study - eXceeding
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National Education Union (NEU)

Procurement of a new supplier for a WAN (Wide Area Network).

About NEU.

The National Education Union (NEU) is the largest education union in Europe, supporting and representing more than 450,000 members, including the majority of teachers.

The NEU provides CPD, publications and other resources to help educators to develop their skills and guide their students, as well as offering support and advice from a team of local experts if you face a problem at work.


The NEU wanted to ensure that their replacement WAN was procured in a transparent, fair and auditable process, ensuring best value for the organisation and its members.

Having not run a WAN procurement, or tender, for a considerable time, and with limited resources or market knowledge in-house, the NEU appointed eXceeding to assist.

eXceeding’s extremely current WAN tender marketplace knowledge ensured we knew the ideal bidders to engage, as well as ensuring that the resulting contract offered flexibility, but with clear SLAs and KPIs in place to protect the NEU.

The challenge.

We identified 3 key challenges which needed to be addressed as part of the project:

The NEU tasked eXceeding with saving money
Whilst getting a significantly increased capacity and highly resilient WAN that delivered a substantially future-proofed solution

Risk mitigation
It was essential to mitigate the risk of any downtime, or disruption of moving to a new provider

Flexible contract requirement
NEU required a flexible contract, with additional purchases added, which would have a coterminous contract end date

The solution.

eXceeding worked with the NEU to design an appropriate and clear procurement process and detailed, documented specification of requirements and then embarked on taking the project to market. eXceeding’s procurement consultants took full ownership of the process including:

  1. With NEU’s input, eXceeding created a shortlist of suitable bidders and preformed initial due diligence to ensure bidders credentials and stability.
  2. We wrote a detailed specification and tender documents, including mandatory contract clauses and commercial capture spreadsheets.
  3. eXceeding ran the whole procurement process, which included: release and Q&A, evaluation and scoring of responses, shortlisting bidders, arranging presentations and evaluations and commercial and contract negotiation, including the introduction of Benchmarking.
  4. NEU signed a fit-for-purpose contract, which provided them with the flexibility and SLAs to protect their organisation.


6 Month
Contract Length

Manage transition
Smooth and successful transition

Cost savings
The NEU saved hundreds of thousands of pounds

Coterminous contract with bespoke terms

The future.

The NEU had a credible and capable supplier in place, and a contract which provided them with the flexibility the needed and the necessary SLAs in place to ensure the best possible service delivery.

eXceeding then helped benchmark and re-run the process 2½ years later, delivering even greater savings to the NEU with a simple yet very effective contract renegoation.