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Supplier Benefits.

Frustrated by the challenges of supplying the public sector or third sector? The Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution via the AEC Neutral Vendor Framework presents a host of benefits for suppliers looking for a fast and compliant solution.

  • Goods, works and professional services.

    Existing routes to market commonly focus on specific categories. This Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution is available via the only nationally available neutral vendor framework in the UK that enables the full scope of professional services, works and goods. This is particularly beneficial if you are a supplier who can offer both product delivery and a professional service; for example, construction companies who design and build; as it provides a single channel for transacting with public sector authorities.

  • Ability to direct award.  

    There are two different methods to direct award:

    a) As a supplier you can execute public sector opportunities through your normal business development techniques, with the knowledge that the Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution supports stringent compliancy requirements.

    b) When eXceeding are approached by a public sector organisation for the goods or works they require, we can appoint the work to a proven supplier. This effectively offers you a one-to-one-to-many relationship to the framework ecosystem, increasing your network exponentially.

  • Reduced competition. 

    When running mini competitions, the Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution offers a more controlled marketplace, with less competition compared to the open tender process. Suppliers are hand-picked for every opportunity and you are only invited to bid if you have matching suitability to the statement of works. This will therefore help increase your potential for being selected and, in turn, have a positive impact on your win rates.

  • Compliancy. 

    The Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution via the AEC Neutral Vendor Framework acts as a fully compliant and unchallenged way to transact, ensuring your risk is kept to a minimum throughout the life of the contract and reducing the amount of bureaucracy required.

  • Reduced time and lower cost to bid.

    The average time it takes to create and submit an RFP is 10.5 days, with 23.8hrs writing a single response and 7.3 people involved in submitting that response. Transacting through a neutral vendor reduces these averages, creates less demand on your bid team and, as a result, reduces your overall cost of submission and improves margins.

  • Supplier-funded model. 

    Whilst in the first instance this may not seem like a benefit; the combination of the lower cost of sale and onboarding, increased opportunity volume, improved win rates, reduced competitive field and secure compliancy will justify the investment needed to support the public sector and solution the optimum approach. Fees are much lower than other neutral vendor frameworks and are only applicable if successful. This route offers best value in comparison to the existing Find a Tender service or PCR 2015 process and can help to improve your cash flow in the short and long-term.

  • Market engagement. 

    The neutral vendor model offers you the ability to engage in pre-sales activity with the public sector organisation, have the opportunity to influence solution development and negotiate commercials with contracting authorities upfront. This facilitated market engagement creates a more dynamic purchasing environment, with more open and fluid communications than existing Public Contract Regulations (PCR 2015).

  • Flexible timelines. 

    As Constellia have already completed a full OJEU tender process to be awarded onto the framework itself, there is no requirement to complete the full process again for each induvial project contracted via the Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution. There are no dictated standstill periods, meaning you can get the project off the ground much quicker. The Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution also offers prior notice of upcoming opportunities for you to bid, and the chance to offer commentary on procurements as a supplier.

  • Well-defined and realistic requirements. 

    As procurement experts, eXceeding ensures that requirements are realistically set out with the contracting authority from the outset. This results in increased speed of execution, improved win rates, better contracts and more collaborative relationships over the lifetime of the contract.

  • Honest and transparent feedback. 

    In addition to well defined and realistic requirements, eXceeding’s drive for best practice and collaboration means that you will always receive honest and unbiased feedback without the public sector organisation being worried about  legal challenge. This will help you improve future win rates, and shape future solutions or product offerings to better suit the public sector market.

  • Improved contract management. 

    eXceeding will act as your trusted advisor from the outset. We are incentivised to support your success and can offer mediation and support with issues such as scope, change control and payments. This helps to ensure better long-term relationships, collaboration and best practice from both sides of the supplier/buyer relationship.

  • Category expertise. 

    As delivery partner, eXceeding offers category expertise on goods and works projects delivered through the Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution. This guarantees that you will receive a clearer scope, better outcomes, a reduced chance of failed procurement and less issues in delivery.

  • Transfer from existing contracts or frameworks. 

    If you are the incumbent supplier to a contracting authority and are looking to transfer from existing frameworks, you are able to do transfer to, or contract through, the Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution when required. Moving to this solution will bring about all the listed benefits, along with the option to align all your existing contracts for one authority in one place.

  • Simple technology platform. 

    Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution transactions are run through a proven software platform which is user-friendly for both procurement and non-procurement professionals alike. This offers a transparent view and shared data for both suppliers and customers.

  • Community.

    The Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution creates a community of like-minded suppliers. This opens up the possibility for shared knowledge transfer, partnerships and thought leadership around public sector specific targets; such as social value, sustainability and risk.

Steve Rowland - eXceeding Managing Director

Steve Rowland

Before eXceeding, Steve spent 16 years working on the supplier-side of outsourcing. During Steve’s 24 years’ experience, he has worked on global and UK outsourcing deals, ensuring the creation of win-win partnerships.

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