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Blogs about the practice of outsourcing services to third parties – the benefits, advice and best practice.

Top tips for outsourcing IT services in the NHS
How to balance risk and reward when lives are on the line

The NHS is the biggest employer in the UK, and every NHS trust will outsource some element of there IT contracts. How, then, do you choose the right outsourcing provider and, more importantly, how do you ensure value for money?

By Steve Rowland on 6 April 2021

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Global map image from iPad to denote international outsourcing

10 questions to ask before outsourcing services
To ensure a better experience throughout the term of the contract

Outsourcing enables a business to focus on core activities, improve the quality of service whilst reducing life-cycle costs. Here are our ten top things to consider before outsourcing services.

By Hayley Preedy on 24 February 2021

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benchmarking and contract renegotiation

Benchmarking and Contract Renegotiation
How to achieve best value when outsourcing services

Ensuring your outsourcing agreements offer continuous value for money should be of paramount importance to the levels of service you expect. But how can you ensure you’re getting the best deal?

By Mick O'Donnell on 17 February 2021

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Outsourcing Services: The onshore/offshore debate
And the impact of Brexit on outsourcing

As the world wakes up to the idea that ‘working from anywhere’ is not only a possibility but potentially a permanent shift, can we expect a more open attitude to outsourcing key services, regardless of location?

By Mick O'Donnell on 7 January 2021

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How to drive significant WAN savings
With zero risk and zero downtime

As more and more organisations look at ways in which to transform their businesses digitally, we are seeing an unprecedented level of enquiries for support in finding an outsourced provider to move to SD WAN.

By Mick O'Donnell on 22 December 2020

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What is outsourcing?
What are the benefits and how can you approach it strategically?

In this blog we discuss the importance of a strategy to ensure that you get the best possible results from your outsourced service providers. We dispel common myths about outsourcing and also consider the many benefits.

By Elesh KhaKhar on 16 December 2020

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How will businesses re-think their approach to outsourcing post-COVID19?
And how will they shape their outsourcing strategies moving forwards?

Outsourcing services is a key tool, enabling organisations to focus on their core activities and often improving the quality, or competitiveness of the service offered. However, how might organisations’ approach to outsourcing change post-COVID19?

By Elesh KhaKhar on 30 November 2020

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