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Cost Optimisation

Blogs about how to improve procurement processes and procedures to optimise costs within a procurement function.

Supplier relationship management: the importance of collaboration in your supply chain
Why renegotiation, not re-tendering, might be the answer.

In this blog we explore how collaborating with your suppliers, through good supplier relationship management, and renegotiating contract terms might be a better solution than going out to tender.

By Mick O'Donnell on 27 January 2021

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Procurement optimisation in the face of an economic downturn
How an optimised procurement process can positively affect your organisation's bottom line

A world-class procurement function aims to optimise the entire sourcing process to deliver significant value across the organisation. But now, we need to consider how we optimise procurement processes as we navigate the socio-economic climate we find ourselves in.

By Aaron Bains on 2 January 2021

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Volume commitments as part of contract negotiations
How do you ensure that you can meet the demand?

When you signed that contract, you were absolutely sure that you could guarantee that spend. Now though the world has changed and that contractual obligation for a volume commitment could cause irrevocable damage. What can you do?

By Steve Rowland on 29 December 2020

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eXceeding partners with US based, ClearEdge
To expand IT Procurement & Cost Optimisation Services in the US

eXceeding has partnered with Clearedge to expand its IT Procurement & Cost Optimisation Services into the US

By Jason Ivemey on 5 November 2020

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