Cost Reduction Services

Cost Reduction Services, Strategies & Consulting

Our spend cost reduction service “does what it says on the tin”. We save clients money on their current spend. We are so confident that we will be able to save you money that this service is provided on a shared savings approach. This service covers any or all aspects of spend from telecommunications, hardware, software, consultancy and all aspects of external support contracts, right up to complete outsourcing agreements.

Procurement Cost Reduction Services

What we do

  • Initially analyse current spend
  • Review technology suitability
  • Benchmark current commercial model
  • Benchmark current service
  • Propose recommendations
  • Negotiate new model

What you get

  • Assess current value for money
  • Sanity check medium and long term investments
  • Scrutinise and compare current commercials
  • Ascertain if better solutions or services are available
  • Discuss how money could be saved
  • Save money and increase how far your budget goes
Contract Renegotiation Service

Businesses are renegotiating outsourcing agreements before expiration more often than ever before. The nature of many previous agreements have tended to be rather rigid. Client and provider demands are constantly evolving as their business demands increase and, as such, so are IT services and technologies. Please visit eXceeding’s Contract Renegotiation Service to find out more about how we could assist you in saving money.