Service Delivery Management

Under-performing, outsourced service contracts cost businesses £millions!

Don’t let your organisation waste money and suffer from poor external contracts!

Have you fully or partially outsourced certain business functions and are now worried that your current contract isn’t delivering the level of service contracted? Or, like many organisations, are you unsure?

Do you think that you are paying too much for your service?

Could you benefit from an impartial, unbiased and confidential review by a fully independent expert? Then please contact eXceeding today.

Whatever your organisation makes, sells or provides, outsourced services are at the very core of your business performance. If you have outsourced service contracts to a service provider, you may be experiencing difficulty in accessing your business critical data or having to put up with paying too much for storage.

Many organisations' outsourced contracts fall far below what they are actually paying for!

Here at eXceeding, we are experts at assessing the current levels of service that you are receiving, what you need for your business and what you should expect contractually.

  • We help to identify gaps and design a strategy to ensure correct levels of service are resumed and delivered.
  • We work in partnership with you and your service provider to ensure that the best service is delivered.
  • By engaging collaboratively with the incumbent service provider, we ensure that they ‘buy into’ the service improvement program.
  • Both parties will see such a huge improvement in both value and tangible savings from a well-defined and performing contract that the provider will jointly fund for any ongoing assistance and support! 

Most outsourced contracts are complex, bespoke and biased towards the service provider. It can be difficult for most organisations to overcome these barriers and obtain the appropriate levels of service at a continuous competitive price.

That’s where eXceeding can help!

eXceeding’s Service Delivery Managers (ISDMs) are seasoned service specialists with all of the formal ITIL and Prince2 qualifications that you’d expect. They work as truly impartial service experts to ensure that your contract delivers the levels of service will run your business efficiently and providing continuous value for money.

To ensure your contract is delivering the best service and not costing your organisation considerable sums of money by underperforming, not delivering your business needs or simply no longer being competitive, contact us today!