Change management

  • Published on: 17 March 2017
  • By: Frances Talman

There is no growth without change. However, change itself is not growth… Change requires a thoughtful planning, and proper and careful implementation. Change should bring results. The process of managing Change, of anything, in a company or an organisation is called Change Management.

Change in an organisation requires the approval of the stakeholders. Change needs tactful consultation of those, involvement and inclusion with them in order to win their ‘hearts and minds”. When Change is implemented without the consent or input from the people it affects – forcing change only brings problems. Imposing change when those affected are not aware of the change or why it is being done will fail.  

Change wherever possible should be sensible, practical, with clear objectives of what is to be achieved.

  • Ask yourself - Do we really need a Change?
  • Have a vision – What is to be achieved, what is considered a success?
  • Strategy - How to approach the process of change?
  • Keep a track on things – How are you going to measure the result?
  • Plan for the outcomes – know what the benefits are and what adverse effects might be.

Change needs to be approached professionally as the change process can be complex and daunting. With the right people in place, you can build a team. The team should show the right emotional commitment and have knowledge and skills required to deliver the project.

Different people may have different opinions and may have strong emotional attachments to a particular way of working; hence it is difficult to manage Change with a team formed from your own internal people. They may be committed; however, do they have the required expertise, emotional detachment and experience to facilitate a change?

With wide knowledge and experience, skill and expertise, our team is all yours, at your service, to help you in achieving that big Change success!

With meticulous planning, the process of Change Management is done with true commitment.

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