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Benefits to organisations procuring goods, works and services.

The Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution presents a host of benefits for any public sector or third sector organisation.

  • Supplier-funded model.

    eXceeding has extensive experience working in both corporate and public sector organisations and, as a result, have a mission to create best practice across the board. Often, just accessing such consultancy services in the public sector can be challenging, but through the Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution you can access our procurement delivery services at zero cost. You can improve processes, become more efficient, fill existing skill or capacity gaps and ensure long term contract management where required.

  • Flexible service levels. 

    Dependent on your own internal resources or capabilities, the Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution offers three different service levels of project specific support. This means you can access as little, or as much, of the resource you need (and don’t forget – at zero cost to your organisation):

    Level 1: Transactional platform process management, including Statement of Works (SoW) review and payment.
    Level 2: Additional Statement of Requirements (SoR) refinement and optimisation, along with supplier shortlisting.
    Level 3: Full sourcing support, including market engagement, running the procurement, negotiation and ongoing contract management.

  • Fully compliant route to market. 

    Available through the AEC Neutral Vendor Framework, the Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution acts as a fully compliant way to procure goods, works and professional services, with no standstill, allowing for ‘best and final offers’ and negotiations. This means that without the requirement to advertise on platforms such as Contracts Finder, or the Find a Tender service, your procurement becomes faster, more flexible and cannot be legally challenged.

  • Access to suppliers. 

    The Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution offers a dynamic marketplace, where suppliers  may join at any point through a quick onboarding process. eXceeding can assist you to select the right supplier for your needs without a lengthy tendering process.

  • Ability to direct award.

    There are circumstances where a compliant direct award process is required. Where that is the case, direct award gives you the ability to select a supplier without the need for a competitive process. It is a great solution if you already know which supplier you wish to use, or if you have an incumbent supplier you want to retain. This really speeds up the contractual processes, ensuring that your project can get off the ground much faster and at lower cost.

  • Controlled competition. 

    When running mini-competitions, the Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution offers a more controlled marketplace, with better targeted competition, compared to the open tender process. Whilst still operating a competitive tender, eXceeding will hand-pick suppliers with proven capability for every opportunity. This lowers the strain on your resources, reduces administration, improves timescales and creates better value for money.

  • Supplier engagement. 

    The neutral vendor model offers you the ability to engage in pre-award discussions with suppliers, supported by the team at eXceeding, which isn’t typically available outside the neutral vendor model. You have the opportunity to access recommendations from suppliers that might usefully improve the specification or contract, which creates a more dynamic purchasing ecosystem than other routes to market.

  • Well defined and realistic requirements. 

    As procurement experts, eXceeding ensures that your requirements are realistically set out with from the outset with input from key stakeholders. This results in improved service level agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs) and value for money. You will spend less time fixing problems and more time focusing on the strategic aims of your organisation.

  • Goods, works and professional services. 

    The AEC Neutral Vendor Framework for Multi-Specialism services is the only nationally available neutral vendor framework in the UK that enables the full scope of professional services, works and goods. eXceeding deliver the goods and works projects, and Constellia deliver Professional Services projects. As a contracting authority, this means that you can procure many different category requirements through a single channel, potentially with a single supplier, making the process much easier and more cost effective.

  • Flexible timelines. 

    Need to get the project off the ground quickly? Public Contract Regulations (PCR 2015) has strict timeframes for each process. This causes slow movement for public sector procurement projects. The Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution through the AEC Neutral Vendor Framework can offer a much quicker solution to traditional frameworks or open tenders. There are no specified standstill periods and we can access the right suppliers, straightaway – if they aren’t already on the framework, onboarding is a quick process.

  • Informal and dynamic feedback. 

    In addition to well defined and realistic requirements, eXceeding’s drive for best practice and collaboration means that you, and your suppliers, will always receive honest and unbiased feedback. This will help you collaborate better with your suppliers and shape future solutions for your organisation.

  • Improved contract management. 

    eXceeding will act as your trusted advisor from the outset. We are incentivised to support your success and can offer mediation and support with challenges such as scope, change control and payments. This helps to ensure better long-term relationships, collaboration and best practice from both sides of the supplier/buyer relationship.

  • Straightforward bidding platform. 

    Bids are run through a proven software platform which is user-friendly for both procurement and non-procurement professionals alike. This offers a transparent view and shared data for you and your suppliers.

  • Community and social value. 

    The Constellia Neutral Vendor Solution creates a community of like-minded public sector and third sector buyers, helping you to keep on top of development in public sector political objectives such as social value, supplier diversity, sustainability and net zero targets. This opens up the possibility for economies of scale, knowledge transfer, partnerships and innovation specifically for the public sector.

Steve Rowland - eXceeding Managing Director

Steve Rowland

Before eXceeding, Steve spent 16 years working on the supplier-side of outsourcing. During Steve’s 24 years’ experience, he has worked on global and UK outsourcing deals, ensuring the creation of win-win partnerships.

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