What is your outsourced Service Delivery Manager doing for you?

  • Published on: 15 February 2016
  • By: Admin

Over that past year we have advised many clients on outsourced services and found that many service providers appear to be charging a fairly substantial hidden overhead for a Service Delivery Manager’s time. They claim this person is there to look after the interests of your business.

Are they really looking after your interests? Or are they protecting their own?

  • Do they ask for regular feedback from you – and act on it?
  • Have they come up with innovative ways to improve your service and save you money recently? 
  • Or are they just a salesman in sheep’s clothing with a target to increase the contract value?

So what should you be looking for from your Service Delivery Manager?

  • Experience – someone who understands your business and has a good level of knowledge and experience to bring to the role. A junior member of the Outsourcing Service Provider’s team won’t have that.
  • Regular reviews – monthly face-to-face meetings with you at your offices, to look at performance and offer suggestions for ways to improve the service and/or reduce your costs.
  • Sufficient time and bandwidth – how much time are they contracted to provide and can they meet that?
  • Priority – in this case size does matter! How large and important is your contract compared to the other clients they support and manage?   
  • Support – a direct route into the Service Provider’s organisation to deal with issues as they arise and escalate and resolve problems, so you don’t have to. You need to be able to just pick up the phone and know for certain that your Service Delivery Manager will take ownership of your request or complaint.
  • Impartial advice – your point of access to experts who can help you to look at new ideas or develop strategies, impartially, with no sales bias. It is the Service Delivery Manager’s responsibility to shield you from proposed (unnecessary and costly) additions to your contract, hidden behind technical jargon you don’t understand; to ensure that any such recommendations are based on a sound financial case that makes sense for your business.

In other words, the role of the Service Delivery Manager must be to manage your operations as if they were their own. If that is what you are getting, then it is definitely worth paying for them.

If not, it may be time to challenge the overhead with your service provider. 

With our experience, we may be able to help.

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