Outsourcing Advice

  • Published on: 1 October 2019
  • By: Victoria Heritage

Are you planning to outsource complex services to one or more providers?

Do you need a different outcome from last time?

Success starts with strategy!

Getting the strategy right is pivotal and will ultimately determine the overall outcome and ultimate success.  What do you really want to achieve – and how does this align with your underlying business objectives?  What are the strategic and tactical objectives?  What are the pros and cons of outsourcing vs. forming a strategic alliance, or insourcing/retaining existing internal capability? 

We help organisations answer these questions and help structure the way services are procured to meet business needs with the optimal mix of industry-leading SLAs, innovation, risk mitigation and full life-cycle cost.   

One strategy to deliver both outcomes is to outsource internally delivered services to provide cost savings or drive efficiencies. Outsourcing enables a business to focus on core activities, improve the quality of service whilst reducing life-cycle costs.

eXceeding can help you identify the optimal outsource blend by:

  • Developing a coherent strategy for outsourcing
  • Understanding your business process
  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses
  • Advising on the viability of outsourcing, based on facts and not emotions
  • Implementing controls that are appropriate to your organisation
  • Identifying appropriately sized providers, with cultures that are complementary to your organisations
  • Defining essential KPIs, SLAs and service credit regimes
  • Establishing the right commercial outcomes
  • Introducing step-change improvements
  • Creating certainty over your operations
  • Ensuring forecastable costs over the medium term
  • Increasing your attractiveness commercially and operationally to clients
  • Improving your company's agility
  • Making your organisation more competitive
  • Producing bottom-line savings

We will provide you a bespoke service, as you require it

The outsourcing minefield needs a structured approach that puts in place the appropriate strategy, governance supported by auditable processes.  Our experience enables us to bring “best practice” from a range of sectors and the ability to provide the path to the optimal solution – we bring the knowledge of having done this before – we know the pitfalls and the right way to structure deals.  We have assisted both small companies and experienced organisations looking to achieve business objectives through outsourcing.  As our testimonials (found here) demonstrate, we are a trusted advisor and have consistently excelled in helping our customers secure the right outsourcing solution and achieve their business goals and objectives.

For more information on how eXceeding can help with your outsourcing needs visit our Outsourcing page.

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