About eXceeding

Tender Management, Bid Responses, IT & Business Strategy Consultancy Services

eXceeding was founded on the principle of providing impartial and unbiased services to businesses in order to help them achieve the best services and solutions for their needs. Whether that is winning business, reducing overall spend without reducing quality of service or finding the right provider for your needs, eXceeding has the knowledge, experience and contacts to help you.

Is your business restricted by your staffs' knowledge and limited exposure?

Whatever your needs, eXceeding’s experts are here to assist you.

Tender and procurement process management – you might just need access to our knowledge of potential suppliers or alternatively utilise a complete turnkey service to run your tenders.

Bidding and responding to tenders – we can provide skilled resources that can improve your company’s chances of winning tenders.

Service delivery management – our impartial experts can ensure that your contract delivers the levels of service you need to run your business efficiently, giving you value for money from your managed service provider.

IT Strategy and virtual CIO service – you might benefit from using our specialist CIO service to help you define your IT strategy and ensure it delivers the technical capabilities that the business requires

Supply chain management - eXceeding has a proven track record of ensuring that our clients get what they need, not what their suppliers want to sell them.

Change management – 70% of change management projects fail to deliver. Our consultants have the knowledge and skills to help you put your projects on a course to realising the planned benefits, on time and within budget.

Consultancy and interim staff – tap into our huge resource and knowledge base to find the required skills or services, fast and effectively.

Cost reduction – could you benefit from our ability to save our clients money on their current spend. We are so confident that we will be able to save you money that this service is provided on a shared savings approach.

Our consultants have managed and written bids, run tender exercises and negotiated supplier contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for hundreds of clients. This expertise allows us to avoid and overcome many pitfalls that our clients have told us they have experienced. The major challenge being “you do not know what you do not know”!

Our team of industry experts have access to some of the industry’s most highly respected professionals and can therefore utilise a vast network of resources should your project require deeper technical analysis or specialist consultants in almost any discipline.