Red team analysis

  • Published on: 9 May 2016
  • By: Admin

I was working on a tender to supply a Government funded organisation which had an acronym of COCH.

The Area Manager that I was supporting on this project decided that it would be best if they dealt with the Key Personnel and the presentation elements. The completion of this work came ‘down to the wire’ and despite the numerous offers, our client did not find time to ask us or someone to review their work.

I wasn’t at the presentation but I have been informed it wasn’t until the presentation, when the area manager was reading a Key Personnel statement they realised how inappropriate the statement sounded out loud using the acronym. Had the Area Manager has a second person review their work, it could have saved a lot of sniggering and embarrassment at the following statement:

‘Kate Davis has been with S&N Trauma for 18 months and has previously worked in Orthopaedics for 8 years covering Trauma, Max Fax and Spine in previous roles.  Kate has experience of providing high quality service to the COCH and is ideally located to provide ongoing training and case cover to ensure COCH satisfaction. Kate has developed a wealth of knowledge to ensure the service provision to COCH continues to be first class’.

To ensure these sort of mistakes do not happen, my colleagues at eXceeding have taught me a great technique. The ‘Red Team’ technique is conducted when the project is nearing the final draft stage. An evaluation panel is assembled and they critically review the complete submission in the perspective of the evaluation panel. The panel takes a devil’s advocate approach searching for inconsistences and weakness within the bid whilst there is still time to resolve.

Mistakes, errors and inconsistences which the ‘Red Team’ techniques have uncovered:

  • Missing material require for submission
  • Inconsistences with Personnel project allocation
  • Multiple Personnel claiming sole credit for the same project on CVs
  • Not using the specified appendix templates
  • Inconsistent font type
  • Inconsistent page/table/chart numbering
  • Client’s name spelt incorrectly
  • Own company name spelt incorrectly
  • Client’s name referred to inconsistently
  • Own company name referred to inconsistently
  • Questions not meeting the specifications
  • Remanence of old tenders which have been sloppily ‘cut and paste’

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