Has 2e2's demise left you exposed?

  • Published on: 23 November 2015
  • By: Admin

Do you need to find an alternative supplier?

We learned last week that the systems integrator 2e2 group has gone into administration, leaving many UK organizations without a secure future outsourcing partner.

If you are affected by this development, we’d like to help.

Our team of outsourcing experts are standing by to offer free advice and discuss how we might be able to help mitigate the impact of 2e2’s demise on your business by helping you find a suitable alternative solution as soon as possible. With the focus on finding a supplier that is financially stable, as part of our Due Diligence process.

eXceeding was founded on the principle of providing impartial and unbiased services to businesses to help them achieve the best services and solutions for their needs. We have assisted hundreds of clients define what they need, select the best potential providers and secure the most favourable commercial terms.

How can we help?

Even if the administrators manage to sell some of 2e2’s companies as going concerns, you are faced with months of uncertainty and inevitable disruption to your outsourced operations. But you may not have the specialist resources readily available to quickly set up and run the selection and contract negotiation processes to appoint an alternative service provider.

We do!

Whether you’re looking for assistance in an individual area, or a complete turnkey solution, we have the skilled resources to help you move quickly and cost-effectively to a new service provider, with the minimum disruption to your operations.

Here’s some of what can do for you:

  • Needs analysis, to ensure your organisation gets what it really wants
  • Benchmark existing services from a service, cost and commercial perspective
  • Produce a scope of requirements
  • Create a shortlist of potential appropriate providers, based on our industry knowledge
  • Define a selection process and scoring criteria
  • Manage process and responses, limiting your time required
  • If appropriate, run the PQQ, RFI, RFP, ITT, or Tender processes for you
  • Assess and score responses for suitability, capability, financial stability, cultural fit and costs
  • Agree a flexible contractual model that suits you and your business needs
  • Carry out a thorough due diligence on the prospective supplier
  • Ensure ongoing measurable success criteria, including mid-contract benchmarking
  • Flexible SLAs and contractual terms that meet and protect your organisation’s requirements and not just those of your suppliers


If 2e2 going into administration has left your business exposed and you think we might be able to assist you overcome the threat and disruption to your business, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

As our customer testimonials demonstrate, we have consistently achieved our aim: to ensure the client gets the unbiased information and expertise to be able to select the right supplier and solution and the right price, ensuring a better outcome for you and your business.

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