Tender management

  • Published on: 20 March 2017
  • By: Frances Talman

This is a highly competitive world. Doing business, covering all aspects on our own, is really challenging!

When the procurement is complex, for a large quantity of goods, or the need to outsource internal services, the process often involves meticulous planning a considerable time and resource.

To optimize the procurement or outsourcing process and to be cost effective and achieve better results, a formal tender process needs to be adopted, whereby there is a structured and transparent process to identify potential bidders, run a tendering competition, evaluate bids and select the right partner. By getting the requirements and process correct you can be assured of selecting the right bidder based on an optimal blend of quality and price.

This process of designing and running a tender, from defining requirements through to contract negotiation & award eXceeding call "tender management’. Though the job looks simple, it actually, is not!

It is much more of a science than you would think, and involves getting every stage in the process right, including.

  • Discovery/Due Diligence
  • Service delivery model i.e. SLAs, KPIs & subcontracted elements
  • Pre-Market engagement
  • Source potential suppliers, based on pre-agreed criteria from project initiation
  • High level supplier due diligence
  • Discuss and define supplier delivery models and SLAs/KPIs
  • Create Tender documentation
  • Define scoring criteria and methodology
  • Release, manage, Q&A Tender process
  • Score Tender response and produce summary report
  • Arrange shortlisted supplier presentations
  • Attend supplier presentations
  • Contract negations
  • Contract transition Project Management
  • Transition Support & Project Management

Yes, Tender Management is a complex job, however done correctly will have a significant impact to your bottom line; the return on investment in a structured process designed by professionals is clear!

If you want the job done effectively, and with better results then, it requires a team of professionals who know the Tender Management sourcing business inside out..

We, at eXceeding, have this team of professionals, who have worked in all areas and levels of Tender Management, and are capable of completing the job even under tough business pressures and deadlines.

Right from the preparation of appropriate Invitation To Tender (ITT) to the processing of bidders’ applications, and from providing support in the selection of shortlisted suppliers to the completion of the entire service contract process, our team is here to provide a complete Tender Management service. We will help you getting the most suited provider at a cost that provides a great return on investment!