Service management

  • Published on: 17 March 2017
  • By: Frances Talman

Service Management is sometimes viewed as a separate add-on once a product has been delivered to the customer. Service Management is a key element of a company’s overall supply chain management and once optimized can provide the end customer with improved service and reduce the operating costs of the business.

Optimisation is achieved through tighter integration of the supply of finished products and associated post-sales services. The landscape of suppliers and service suppliers is complex and takes a structured approach to integrate and optimize the arrangements. Service Management, when done well enables you to foresee and proactively address problems such as uncertain and inconsistent demands from customers; this can only be done through coordinating trend information with the supply of the products.

Most of the companies’ revenue from post-sales services is around 20 percent of the total revenue. But, it is said that through effective management of services, the revenue from this service can be increased up to 50 percent of the total revenue of the company.

A step-change increase in revenue from the provision of service can only be realized if there is a system for effective service management. It is, of course, a complex process, but it is an achievable goal if you know how to do it well. There are many elements that need to be considered that include: your objectives, strategy for service provision, the service products, management of spare parts, returns, repairs and warranties.   

To realize the benefits, you need to have a dedicated team that is highly committed and knowledgeable and armed with the tools and techniques to identify the optimal approach. The team will need to consult with all stakeholders that include: management, suppliers and customers and study and analyze the supply and customer demand. The optimal solution needs to be identified and implementation planned to effect the change. Performance has to be measured against your defined business objectives to confirm results.

It is a simple decision, whether to put an effective system or not. It is a complex challenge if you do decide to implement an effective system, improve performance and benefit from increased revenue.

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