OJEU procurement consultancy framework

  • Published on: 17 January 2018
  • By: Frances Talman

Will you be running OJEU procurements in 2018 and considering securing OJEU-approved procurement consultancy support to deliver the process? If you need to manage a competitive procurement but don’t have the resources at hand to do so, you might have to run another competition first to select the consultancy to support the procurement for you! This can be a distraction and takes time and money - both of which may be scarce.

Now, accessing procurement consultancy experts has been taken care of through a new National Framework Agreement1 for the provision of capped Procurement Project Delivery Services.  eXceeding can accelerate your procurement as a pre-approved supplier of procurement consultancy services (CPV code 79418000). We can support clients throughout the UK public sector – and you do not have to run a separate competition to access our services.

The Framework Agreement has been set up with the procurer in mind. You can secure the complete range of procurement consultancy services whenever you need, but have the ability utilise any of the capabilities you pre purchased throughout the life of the framework: right up to December 2019. As an additional benefit the framework also allows public sector organisations to access procurement consultancy experts without upfront payments.

How it works is straightforward: you call off different types of procurement assistance to bring additional expertise or cover peaks in workload whenever you anticipate them – and we will respond with experienced personnel to support you at any stage of the process. This could include any of the following:

  • Defining the procurement strategy
  • Benchmarking of suppliers and contracts
  • Market evaluation
  • Contract renegotiation
  • Pre-market engagement
  • OJEU compliant procurement consultancy
    -  Competitive Dialogue
    -  Full OJEU Procurement
    -  Back office support
    -  Mini-competition
  • Project management
  • Ongoing contract and vendor management

1 Commercial Procurement Services Fixed Fee Procurement Project Delivery Service: Multi Supplier National Framework Agreement (F/045/FFPP/17/MH OJEU: 2017/S 172-352522)

How did eXceeding become involved?

With a significant track record in supplying procurement resource, eXceeding was able to show a deep understanding of the requirement to the COCH procurement team during the OJEU framework selection process. Having analyzed the requirement, and in keeping with the in-house capabilities of eXceeding produce a compelling response for assessment by the procurement evaluators.

And what happened?

With COCH Framework acceptance, eXceeding is able to offer HMG authorities, ministerial departments, agencies, public corporations, public groups, NHS trusts and authorities’ the opportunity to cover peaks in workload without the need to recruit interim or permanent staff, and thus to reduce cost commitments in both fiscal and resourcing management terms.  A further consequence of this framework is that eXceeding will be tasked to work with HMG agencies, NHS trusts and authorities to deliver procurement services that comply with all internal policies and procedures, government procurement policy and UK/EU procurement regulations.

What do I get?

This service is broken down into four lots based on the different procurement project types typically carried out within public sector procurement departments. eXceeding has been accepted on to all four of the framework lots with a quality score of 98%. Even for a company that writes bid responses for others, this is a pleasing result.

What do these frameworks cover?

  • Lot 1 – OJEU Projects: This is a full service to provide a complete end to end procurement process for projects above the defined thresholds under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.  eXceeding will take full ownership of delivering the project, from the procurement strategy and approach, to the day to day management and all tasks associated with delivering the procurement.
  • Lot 2 – Framework mini-competition projects: This option eXceeding manage framework mini-competitions, from seeking competition buy-in to utilising the framework, and managing the engagement of suppliers. 
  • Lot 3 – Back-Office Support: eXceeding will provide back office support only.  In these cases it is assumed that the procuring authority will have resource to undertake the strategy, approach, tender evaluation and any strategic elements of the procurement process, but the day to day management and all admin tasks would be carried out by the eXceeding.  At a high level, this includes drafting all tender documentation, collating information and managing communication with suppliers.  
  • Lot 4 – Project Bundle (any combination of Lots 1 to 3.)

Because of the way in which the contract has been agreed, budgetary offset is possible, meaning those utilising the framework can procure resource within the current budget but not need to deploy that resource until they are needed, including the following financial year.

By selecting us now, you can secure the expertise you need – and without the lengthy process of having to run a tender to secure our procurement consultancy services!

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