How to find that golden business opportunity

  • Published on: 7 April 2017
  • By: Frances Talman

It is often difficult to find suitable business opportunities which your company can bid for. It can be very time consuming and frustrating trawling through the complex maze of web-sites, portals, search-engines and registration schemes looking for tender opportunities.  eXceeding has extensive bid and tender experience and knowledge that can make your life far easier and hep you navigate the process of making the identification of more suitable opportunities in an efficient and effective manner.  

There are many websites and portals to trawl through and some have the ability to set alerts but the trick is knowing which sites to monitor, how to monitor and how to set up appropriate alerts. Some sites charge excessive annual subscriptions to get to details of new opportunities that can be accessed by other means without having to pay an annual subscription.  

We advise where and how to look for tender opportunities, then set up appropriate automated alerts that are sent to eXceeding for screening. We have two engagement models – we can set you up so that you monitor your own bid opportunities, or we can continue on a rolling month-by-month basis with eXceeding filtering them and working with you to modify the alerts so that only the most attractive tenders are passed to you for consideration. This approach reduces the volume of inappropriate tenders that you have to review and reduces the chance of ‘missing’ the golden opportunity. There is a nominal charge for the initial set up and advice, and an ongoing charge for the monitoring and screening of these tender opportunities.

For further detail on setting up a tender opportunity tracker and responding to bids, contact eXceeding today.