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Tender Management, Bid Responses, IT & Business Strategy Consultancy Services

eXceeding was founded on the principle of providing impartial and unbiased services to businesses in order to help them achieve the best services and solutions for their needs. Whether that is winning business, reducing overall spend without reducing the quality of service or finding the right provider for your needs, eXceeding have the knowledge, experience and contacts to help you.

Is your business restricted by your staffs' product related knowledge or limited exposure?

Whatever your needs, eXceeding’s experts are here to assist you:


  • Bid Writing Responses - Whatever your needs, eXceeding’s expert bid managers and writers are here to assist you, whether your writing a proposal or responding to a PQQ, RFI, RFP or ITT.
  • Bid Strategy & Win Themes - We will help you develop a bid strategy that is aligned to customer’s requirements and articulates your value propositions and your key win themes.


  • Tendering Bid Service - eXceeding will help you define your requirements, prepare all documentation, comply with all legislation including OJEU and get the most favourable commercial terms.
  • Procurement - Do you need to achieve a business advantage through more effective procurement?  eXceeding can help you design a purchasing strategy that meets your business needs.
  • Supply Chain Management - eXceeding can help you reassess your supply chain requirements renegotiate with suppliers and reset terms and SLAs that suit your needs.
  • Cost Reduction Services - Our spend cost reduction service analyses your current spend commitments to develop a strategy to reduce spend without compromising quality of service or product.
  • Contract Renegotiation - eXceeding are here to help you renegotiate your supplier contracts prior to expiry that provides our clients with more favourable terms.


  • Outsourcing Advice - Getting your strategy right is pivotal and will ultimately determine the overall success.  eXceeding can help develop and implement an outsourcing strategy that underpins your business objectives.
  • Change Management - Change is a constant and how your organisation deals with change is imperative to its growth and success. Our consultants can help you manage change in your organisation effectively.
  • Service Delivery Management - eXceeding’s Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) are seasoned service specialists that deliver the SLAs you're paying for which will run your business more efficiently and providing continuous value for money.


  • Interim & Contractors - We take pride in not just being able to match you with the right resource but being able to deliver your strategic and business objectives in the short, medium and long term.
  • Recruitment - eXceeding have access to experienced qualified business professionals with ‘real world’ experience! We work with our clients in the spirit of partnership to find the best candidate for the role.

Other Services

  • Accreditation & Certifications - One of the main credibility requirements from buyers revolves around accreditations/certifications and how these support your quality, environmental and H&S etc.
  • CIO - Our interim CIOs have the skills and experience in specific technology solutions and industries that mean you can rely on them to get that critical project delivered on time and to budget.
  • IT Strategy - eXceedings experienced consultants have assisted many organisations develop IT strategies that support their business objectives.

Our consultants have managed and written bids, run tender exercises and negotiated supplier contracts and Service Level Agreements for hundreds of clients. This expertise allows us to avoid and overcome the many pitfalls that our clients have told us they have experienced. The major challenge being “you do not know what you do not know”!

Our team of industry experts have access to some of the industry’s highly respected professionals and can therefore utilise a vast network of resources should your project require deeper technical analysis or specialist consultants in almost any discipline.

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