IT Strategy

eXceedings experienced consultants have assisted many organisations develop IT strategies that support their business objectives

The traditional approach to implementing an IT strategy is to have an investment plan for five years and delivery plan for three years and own physical assets in both software and hardware. Regrettably a strategy delivered by the traditional approach now lacks the responsiveness for a world of agile developments and disruptive innovation.

eXceeding has experts in agile strategy development enabling you to lead market developments rather than reacting to your competitors innovation. The alignment of the business and the IT capabilities that underpin it are key to the development and delivery of an effective IT Strategy.

eXceeding’s business IT alignment process is outlined as:

1.   Identify business capabilities over the period covered by the organisations business vision and strategy.

2.   Develop a high level technology vision that describes the key features, characteristics, services and architecture that the organisation technology platform will need in order to support the organisations strategy.

3.   Agree the planning horizon to be covered by the technology strategy:

      a. 6-12 months within fast paced markets

      b. 12-24 months for more stable markets

4.   Determine the business capabilities that will take priority during the agreed planning horizon and asses the gaps between the current and required level of business capability.

5.   Identify and priorities the technology services required to address the gaps between current and required level of the priority business capabilities.

6.   Develop a tactical delivery plan based on an agile development list across the agreed planning period. The plan will cover, but is not limited to: 

      a.    Generating the business case for the investment/return on capital employed

      b.    Obtain investment approval from the board

      c.    Championing the delivery of the developments through visible leadership and communication

     d.   Overseeing demand, control and supply of IT services

7.   Repeat steps 3-6 towards the end of the current planning horizon. Repeat steps 1-6 whenever the organisation vision or strategy is updated


Collaborative and interactive approach to IT strategy development

The high level, helicopter view, of the investment portfolio that explains what sits in infrastructure, what sits in shared services, what sits in departmental functions and what tradeoffs are being made across the organisation.


Delivering the IT Strategy

An IT Director must analyse and select the right approach to the technology strategy for the organisation. eXceeding’s CIO level resource have the depth of experience to understand an organisation’s business operation and advise on the best strategy to enable its delivery.

Our analysis is based on:

  • The role technology plays within the business
  • What your competitors and other market sectors are doing
  • The level of agility the organisation required to compete effectively within their chosen market
  • The level of review required for the technology strategy
  • The method of strategy creation, review and delivery and how success is measured and maintained

For further infromation on our IT Strategy, please download our IT Strategy checklist