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Managing internal stakeholders to prepare a winning bid submission.

About Winvic.

Winvic Construction Ltd, is a multidisciplinary main contractor specialising in turnkey solutions for industrial, build-to-rent, student accommodation and commercial projects.

They have grown substantially since their inception in 2001, and have seen a 400% growth since 2013, now turning over over £600m.


Winvic had presented to a major online retailer as part of an opportunity to bid for a new contract. They were required to present a follow up clarification presentation, in order to meet the scoring criteria.

They had just five days to turnaround a response and lacked the experience in pulling together a thorough, but succinct presentation, to adequately respond to the client’s queries.

Our role was to collate responses from major stakeholders and to check these against the client’s requirements before pulling together a coherent and consistent presentation to deliver to the online retailer.

The challenge.

We identified 3 key challenges which needed to be addressed as part of the project:

Winvic were given less than a week to turnaround a presentation to a major online retailer.

Their internal category knowledge was extensive but they were not experienced in the best way to present this to the client.

Though the team had presented at this level previously, some training as to how best to deliver key points in a succinct way was needed.

The solution.

Our bid team managed the entire presentation, from collating the content to creating the final presentation. This was our approach:

  1. Conducting a kickoff meeting with all key stakeholders in the bidding process. We reviewed their subject matter expertise and agreed the most efficient way to deliver each section of the presentation.
  2. Working with each of the stakeholders to collate their responses and to build these into the relevant sections of the presentation.
  3. We checked these responses against the evaluation criteria provided by the client to ensure that all of required areas had been addressed and evidenced correctly.
  4. We checked for consistency in the final presentation and conducted a final review with the internal stakeholders before submitting the final version to the client.


Project turnaround was just 5 days

The presentation was successful and Winvic were selected

Multiple stakeholders were interviewed and their responses collated

Professional, consistent and thorough presentation created

The future.

The presentation was successful and Winvic received positive feedback on the submission, as well as being awarded further appointments from this key client.

They also received training in how best to collate responses and deliver a coherent presentation – in line with the scoring criteria.