What can we learn from Trump?

  • Published on: 4 November 2016
  • By: Avtar Nagra

Whether you are running for a Presidential election or running to secure new business, if you are in it to win it, you need a clear strategy.  Below we explore the key components to a winning strategy

  1. Understand what the people want - know your market and customers
  2. Understand your strengths and the competitions weaknesses – work out what you can do to strengthen your position and expose the competitions weaknesses
  3. Understand your weaknesses and your competitions strengths – have a plan to address your weaknesses
  4. Understand the issues – know what is important to the decision makers
  5. Speak clearly in a language that the decision makers can understand
  6. Keep within the law – abide by the rules
  7. Don’t make claims that you can’t back up
  8. Be compelling with your arguments
  9. Be honest
  10. Have a plan of what you need to do and follow the plan

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