Gamekeepers turned bid writers

  • Published on: 17 February 2017
  • By: Frances Talman

We’ve all heard the term “poachers turned gamekeepers” where somebody who has been on the other side of the fence has a better view of how to get things done.

This applies to businesses trying to win business via bids and tenders too.

Understanding the thought process of the person evaluating your bid will assist you to prepare a superior submission. Knowing what the evaluator is looking for will help you shape your response so that it is high scoring and hence increases your chance to win the bid and business. Your business may have experience in bidding for new work and may also have experience in evaluating proposals from suppliers; but what you bid for and what you buy are very rarely the same and there often are fundamental differences.  Our consultants at eXceeding have extensive experience on both sides of the fence; both bidding for work and evaluating tender responses. This puts them in a position of being both poacher and gamekeeper and allows them to write the response from an evaluator’s perspective  

Our consultants are experienced bidders in multiple sectors and in multiple disciplines. eXceeding write bids and they support businesses in their procurement function to buy goods and services via running tenders.  This multi discipline provides the check and balance required to create winning responses and effective buying processes that deliver results whether you are buying or selling. 

If you have not got that expertise within your business eXceeding can certainly help. Whether you’re looking for advice for tender management, upcoming bid responses or advice from our consultants,  eXceeding can help.

Further information can be found at our bidding or buying page or call 03333 555 111 for all enquires..