One common requirement when dealing with both private and public sector organisations is the creation of an official response to a procurement request. We refer to this as bidding but it has many other names. Proposal writing, tendering, quotes, responding to an ITT or RFQ, quoting for a contract – these are all forms of bidding for business.

With more competition and increased governance and compliance in procurement the provision of accurately articulated bids that demonstrate your value proposition are a must.

Bid Process

At eXceeding we continuously innovate and develop our unique toolkit to enable us to assist in any or all stages of the bid lifecycle. We have a proven method for removing the subjectivity from bid qualification and analysis and, as such, our clients see improved win rates and higher profitability. We provide expert knowledge, guidance and training to maximise your return on investment and secure future business.

Bid Writing

Responding successfully to a tender requires skill and experience, which are time-consuming and costly to acquire, both in terms of resources, lost business and potential damage to your organisation's image.

Whatever your needs, eXceeding’s expert bid managers and writers are here to assist you.

Bid Strategy & Win Themes

To develop a winning strategy you must understand the market, understand the needs of you customer and understand how your company can meet them. You also need to know what the competition looks like.  To develop a realistic strategy you need to know where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

From opportunity capture through to post award contract management, let us show you how eXceeding can add value to your business.

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Bid Writing

Our services can vary from simply assessing your bid/no bid process, assisting with the writing or helping to produce supporting evidence, all the way through to a providing a complete bid response service.
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Bid Strategy

We will help you identify and respond to your customer’s requirements and articulate your value propositions and your key win themes throughout your bid.

Through our flexible, collaborative approach, using workshops, formal and informal sessions with your management and bid team, we will help you identify the optimal strategy for your proposal. We will work with you to describe those golden threads that will make your bid shine against your competitors, and we’ll help you weave those threads throughout your submission.
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