PQQs and Tenders – preparation, preparation, preparation!

  • Published on: 22 June 2015
  • By: Admin

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin.

Too many companies wait for PQQ and tender documents to be released before doing any bid preparation work. To get ahead your competition, it is important to prepare as much information as is possibly feasible and practical in advance, leaving more time to concentrate on the final bespoke submission documents and reduce overall stress levels. This tried and tested approach ensures that your organisation has the very best possible chance of successfully submitting on time and winning the bid!

Knowing what type of tenders you are likely to bid for allows you to prepare by reviewing similar previous tenders or even tenders from areas outside of your target region. Many will request similar information in certain sectors, particularly when asking for company core details.

Do you have a document library where you store and version control information or do you waste time searching over and over again and constantly ‘reinventing the wheel’? Are all documents up to date and in consistent formats that can be easily inserted in hard or electronic format? Regular requests include:

  • Company Information       -     Core information, audited accounts and references
  • Management                    -     Organisation charts, management, CVs, qualifications, vetting  and training
  • Policies/Procedures         -     Health & safety, environmental, sustainability, equality & diversity, risk & quality management, disaster recovery, insurance, subcontractor and supply management etc.
  • Accreditations                  -     Professional and ISO accreditations

Strategic Planning

Have you been unsuccessful with previous bids? Did you approach the client to find out why?

If the answer is yes, you will have had a chance to review your previous submissions, identify your weaknesses, refine data and be more prepared for future bids. Applying this approach can only result in a higher success rate. Taking these lessons learnt from both losses and wins alike is a key to improving success rates.

If the answer is no, is it too late to approach the client to ask why you were not successful? Why not invite a professional bid writing company like eXceeding to review your previous submissions and help you understand where you have gone wrong.

Common Mistakes

There are many reasons why bids are unsuccessful. This may be cost related, your submission contains too many common mistakes, or simply your submission quality levels do not match those of your competition.

Did you follow the client’s written instructions and present a compliant bid? If unable to be fully compliant, did you approach the client to agree an alternative approach, otherwise you may have just been wasting your time?

Did you answer the actual questions asked, rather than what you believed they meant? Too often we see responses that the responder wants to give, rather than what has actually been asked. Were your answers too generic or did you spend time in creating a concise and bespoke response to the client’s question? Did you ask the client to clarify points that were not clear?

Are you only matching the requirements or are you providing ‘Added Value’?

Have you copied and pasted, but forgot to change company details, names, situations etc?

Has anyone proof-read your final document?

This is where eXceeding’s experience can help. We conduct bid readiness workshops that help clients prepare for bids. This service assists both first time bidders and organisations to improve their success rates alike. We then help present a submission that is professionally presented, grammatically correct, consistent in style and format, giving them the very best chance of success.

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