Bid 10 and win 2 or Bid 4 and Win 3 - Winning Tips

  • Published on: 2 December 2016
  • By: Avtar Nagra

It is very hard to say “let’s not bid for this” when the project is something you know your company to do and do well!

Many companies do not have a robust ‘bid/no bid’ process that prevents a business from bidding for work that they have little chance of winning.

Responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) is expensive and a drain on resources.  You should focus those resources on opportunities where you have a better chance of winning and in effect picking your battles.  It is far better to bid for four projects and win three of them, than to bid for ten and only win two.

What are the keys elements to a successful ‘bid/no bid’ process:

Top Tips

  • Do you have an existing relationship with the buying organisation?
    • Have you provided services to the organisation before?
    • If so do they have a good opinion of your business and services you can provide?
  • Do know the selection and award criteria?
    • Do you understand how they will score and award the business?
    • Do you have relationships with the decision makers?
  • Does the opportunity fit in with your business objectives/ Strategy?
    • Is the opportunity aligned to your business strategy, in terms of products, services and location?
  • Can you win it?
    • Do you have a realistic win strategy and supporting action plan that will increase your chances of beating the competition?
  • Are you qualified to bid?
    • For example financial stability, quality accreditations and can you meet them?
  • Can we show relevant experience?
    • Have you done this type of work before?
    • Do we need to partner?
  • Do we have sufficient resource to respond professionally within the deadline?
    • Will you be able to provide the right resources to give it your best shot?
    • Do you have the resources to respond to the proposal request?
  • Do you know now who your competitors are?
    • Can they provide a service you can’t?
    • Who is the incumbent (If applicable)?
    • Have you conducted a SWOT analysis?
  • Is there a better opportunity?
    • Have you thoroughly researched the task at hand?
    • Is there another opportunity that is better suited to you?

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