Save Time And Money With Discovery Workshops

  • Published on: 5 September 2018
  • By: Stuart Nicholson

When eXceeding is asked to support any application for a framework, the first step we recommend is a Discovery and Readiness Assessment Workshop.

This enables both the client and eXceeding to analyse and identify the suitability against the framework and answer key questions:

Should you apply?

  • What is the scope and intended audience of the Framework?
  • How does that map to your service offering and strategic objectives?
  • Is there a marketing or PR advantage of being an approved supplier?

Can you win it if you apply?

  • Do you have sufficient resources to meet the response deadline?
  • Are you going to be fully compliant against the requirements or are there ‘show stoppers’ that will lead to your disqualification?
  • Do you have relevant case studies and testimonials to evidence your capabilities?

Can you deliver profitably if you are on the framework?

  • Can you develop relationships with decision makers in the relevant organisations?
  • Do you understand the mechanism used to find and select suppliers?
  • How do you increase your ‘share of wallet’?

Let us help answer these questions and objectively assess if applying for the framework will provide the opportunity that you are looking for.