Expert bidding advice could be your passport to beat the tendering blues.

  • Published on: 22 March 2018
  • By: David Muir

With the announcement by De la Rue on the 22 March 2018 that, on the completion of the current bid cycle, they would no longer be producing the British passport “despite submitting a high quality, competitive bid” we can see that size and history are no guarantee of success.

Whilst much will be made of this decision and its ramification within the Brexit process, the BBC has reported that the Franco-Dutch firm Gemalto has won the £490 million tender. Expected savings to the UK taxpayers are quoted as being up to £120 million.

How do you increase your chances of submitting a successful bid?

There is the danger for incumbent suppliers to price for ‘what they know’ rather than ‘what they see’ within the tender documents. This can mean that they factor in costs for complexities or variables where their knowledge extends beyond the information contained in the request. In these situations even the most experienced bid teams can benefit from collaboration with an external partner.

At eXceeding we are well placed to support companies of all sizes with a full range of services that encompass the end to end process of bidding. This includes pipeline strategy, analysis, development of win themes, solution design, bid writing, commercial leadership and review. Our bid experts can provide the level of consultation that you require.

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