Using an interim tender writer

  • Published on: 17 August 2015
  • By: Admin

There are a number of situations where a firm may hire an interim tender writer. In most scenarios it involves either a high number of bids, or a bid of high value or importance.

Companies with existing bid teams often hire an interim tender writer to bolster their team during a particularly busy period. They may also hire a bid writer with specific expertise to assist on a particularly difficult tender.

Companies who do not have existing bid teams may temporarily hire a bid writer should they wish to pursue a one-off contract, or require assistance for a limited period. Choosing an interim writer over simply outsourcing offers a more hands on approach which can benefit the company in the long run.

As a company we have worked on all of these scenarios. Our writers have worked as part of huge bid teams on very large tenders, as well as working by themselves for a company with a limited requirement.

What does an interim tender writer do?

Team member – An interim writer working as a member of an existing bid team does just that. They work when required as a regular staff member and assist with the day-to-day writing of the bid.

Sole Writer – When hired as a company’s sole writer it is a case of completing all work on site and working closely with relevant staff members to create the highest quality bid. Companies often benefit from this approach through learning how to stick to a thorough, professional bid process. This is something they can then apply in the future.

The benefits of hiring an interim tender writer

The main benefit of hiring an interim tender writer opposed to either outsourcing or hiring a full time team member, is freedom and training.

When outsourcing tender writing the quality of the bid will remain high, however, the company itself may not have learnt anything for future bids. Working with an interim writer companies can pick up useful knowledge for future tenders.

Many companies do not complete bids often, so hiring a full time staff member can be very costly. With an interim writer there is a set contract and you do not have to worry about anything when there is no longer any work.

Working with eXceeding Limited

We have completed many interim placements with companies across a wide range of industries. We are proud to say we have always received good feedback, as can be viewed HERE.

Working on your site we aim to create the highest quality bid, as well as working to improve your internal tender process and the quality of future bids. The assigned writer will work with you to create a bid library that can be utilised whenever you choose to bid again. This library is constantly updated and improved and forms the basis of a strong submission.

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