Approved OJEU Compliant Procurement Support

eXceeding is approved for Procurement services provided under Countess of Chester Hospital Framework F/045/FFPP/17/MH OJEU: 2017/S 172-352522.

This means eXceeding are pre-approved as a supplier of fixed fee procurement services for any Public-Sector body. This makes us an ideal partner to step in and take the burden of any procurement projects for you, or merely provide additional support to your team when resource is limited.

Simplifying Public Sector Procurement.

Using suppliers approved under Countess of Chester Hospital Framework F/045/FFPP/17/MH OJEU: 2017/S 172-352522 removes the requirement to run a separate open tender to select your procurement partner. This saves you significant time, money and resource.

Who is it designed to help?

Examples where Countess of Chester Hospital Framework approval removes the need for a competitive selection process include:

  • NHS
  • Government Departments, bodies and agencies
  • Non-Ministerial Departments
  • Executive Agencies
  • Central Government
  • Local Government
  • Public Corporations

In fact, anybody listed on Public Sector Classification Guide

What Services does it cover?

The Countess of Chester Hospital Framework is divided into four different Lots

  • Lot 1 – OJEU Projects:

Complete end to end procurement process for projects above the defined thresholds under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. 

We will take full ownership of delivering your requirements, from strategy to day-to-day management and delivery.

  • Lot 2 – Framework mini-competition projects:

eXceeding manage your Framework mini-competitions, from seeking competition buy-in to utilising the Framework and managing the engagement of suppliers. 

  • Lot 3 – Back-Office Support:

Providing back office support only. Your team develop the strategy, approach, tender evaluation and any strategic elements of the procurement process. We supplement your team with day-to-day management and admin tasks as an extension of your procurement team.  At a high level, this includes drafting all tender documentation, collating information and managing communication with suppliers.  

  • Lot 4 – This allows for the purchase of a combination of procurement services from Lots 1 to 3.

Benefits of partnering with eXceeding

Reduced risk for delivery of procurement projects.

Time and money savings – No requirment for costly interims.

Experienced pool of professionals that compliments your team.

Activities that eXceeding can undertake withn this Framework include :

  • Needs analysis, to ensure that you and your organisation gets what it really wants
  • Unbiased ROI study, to ensure the proposition is financially viable
  • Benchmark existing services from a cost and commercial perspective
  • Define a scope of requirements Create a shortlist of potential appropriate providers
  • Define a selection process and scoring criteria
  • Manage process/responses, reducing your time required if appropriate, run SQ and ITT
  • Assess and score responses for suitability, capability, financial and cultural fit
  • Analytical, objective scoring based on business requirements
  • Ensure ongoing measurable success criteria, including mid-contract benchmarking
  • Flexible SLAs and contractual terms that meet and protect your organisation’s requirements and not just those of your suppliers
  • Transition Project Management