Finding you your perfect executive candidate

eXceeding’s Executive Consulting search service provides a quality provision that introduces the most suitable talent, bespoke to your organisations specific needs. As a consultancy, we are distinct from the recruitment industry. We do not do body shopping and will not just throw CVs at you from job boards. Every candidate is thoroughly vetted prior to being introduced and has the correct skills for the role.


eXceeding have access to experienced qualified business professionals with ‘real world’ experience! We work with our clients in the spirit of partnership to find the best candidate for the role.

Far more than just a recruitment service

We are more than just a recruitment service, we’re a consultancy that works collaboratively with clients to supply the right people in to the right positions in an efficient and effective manner. Our experienced consultants have the necessary qualities, depth of experience and connections to high class candidates that can demonstrate their ‘real world’ experience and industry knowledge. We save our client’s time and money by reducing effort wasted on interviewing unsuitable or unaffordable candidates. Our comprehensive approach to matching candidates to roles also ensures a high retention rate for recruited staff.



Our five step process

eXceeding have a 5 step process which connects the right candidate and client every time.

Step 1- Analyse and understand your requirements

A detailed analysis of your requirements is undertaken to determine the skills, qualifications, experience and personal attributes required for the position. We create a list of mandatory and desired criteria which candidates are required to meet to be considered for the position.

Step 2 – Sourcing candidates

We create a talent sourcing strategy based on your exact requirements that will attract the most talented candidates. Our consultants use a wide variety of methods to attract and find candidates that meet your exact needs. eXceeding have a high presence within online and digital platforms and a vast network that enables the best talent to be sourced and put forward for screening.

Ways in which we source talent:

  • Head hunting
  • Trusted network
  • Database search
  • Website search engine optimization (SEO) of all job postings
  • Advertising through jobsites
  • Targeted social media and event based advertising
  • Promote the clients image through our online and digital media outlets
  • Promote job opportunities to suitable candidates
  • Promote positions throughout the UK and abroad

We can source talent from any location where skills, experience and qualification levels are the highest, which gives us access to high calibre candidates that are right for you no matter where they are located.  

Step 3 – Screening candidates

As part of our quality assurance framework we ensure that all candidates are screened using this process which results in only those that meet the criteria of assessment getting through to the next stage. Our process for screening is:

  • Pre-screening of CVs for all candidates
  • 1St screen telephone/Skype/video call
  • Appropriate profiling
  • 2nd screen Senior Recruiter – The 2nd screening is conducted by senior recruiter to assess the candidate’s ability/communication skills/leadership ability/personality traits
  • Those candidates that have met the criteria and have met our client’s requirements are progressed to the next stage.

Step 4 – Candidate preparation and schedule interview

We prepare the candidate with all the relevant information for them to have the best opportunity during the interview process. However, we never forget we’re working for the client, so we will coach the candidate to be genuine and not to say and do bogus things! We want them prepared, for our client to have a fair and accurate appraisal of them.

Step 5 – Feedback – typically

At this stage we gain feedback from the client and candidate to assess their perceptions of their suitability and performance during the interview process. We will investigate and explore any areas of concern, ensuring our client has complete confidence in the candidate and our service.  

Our comprehensive process has provided many of our clients with the right resource for their business.  Whether you are a small business, SME, or Corporate we have the right staffing solution for you. Call, email or connect online for an initial conversation.

To discuss your needs with one of our independent experts please contact eXceeding today on  03333 555 111, email us at Email.