When outsourcing goes wrong

  • Published on: 14 March 2016
  • By: Admin

We came across a useful report last week, which we thought we’d share.

According to a survey of 532 organizations from across 68 countries and 14 industry sectors, conducted by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), supported by the Zurich Insurance Group. “outsourcing failure is now a significant cause of supply chain disruption.”

Is your procurement process flawed?

  • Published on: 29 February 2016
  • By: Admin

Too many companies embark on the journey to acquire bought-in or outsourced services from a provider with no clear procurement strategy, or target outcome. So the process rolls on and the plan evolves, driven largely by supplier responses and agenda. And the result? The companies don’t get the outcomes they want, or need, they get what suits the suppliers.

What is your outsourced Service Delivery Manager doing for you?

  • Published on: 15 February 2016
  • By: Admin

Over that past year we have advised many clients on outsourced services and found that many service providers appear to be charging a fairly substantial hidden overhead for a Service Delivery Manager’s time. They claim this person is there to look after the interests of your business.

Are they really looking after your interests? Or are they protecting their own?

A well-defined, properly aligned IT strategy is a key enabler to business growth and success – How’s yours?

  • Published on: 1 February 2016
  • By: Admin

“Are you maximising your use of IT to grow your business? Or is it a costly distraction?

Is it a IT solution that you really need – or do you need to go back to basics first?

After all, in the words of Albert Einstein: “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.”

Bidding for public sector tenders

  • Published on: 18 January 2016
  • By: Admin

We are often asked to advise start-up companies looking to break into the public sector by bidding for tenders - and we have to give them bad news: unless you are prepared for the long haul and investment, don’t go there.

Why? After all, the sector represents well over half of the country’s business-to-business trade, it pays reliably and once you are established, you have a good chance of continued business.

So why is it so difficult to break into? It comes down to four key reasons: 

Does change management theory help?

  • Published on: 21 December 2015
  • By: Admin

Does change management theory help when a project isn’t going well? No? Then what does?

It’s relatively easy to identify why a project is failing to deliver the desired benefits - much harder to put it right. And despite the many change management books and self-appointed change management ‘experts’ out there, it’s usually not the principles of managing change, but how you implement it - the detailed, hands-on practice - that makes a difference. And it’s our experience at eXceeding is that the devil is always in the detail.

Don't compare apples & oranges

  • Published on: 7 December 2015
  • By: Admin

Most companies are outsourcing some or all of their IT software, systems, infrastructure and the services that sit on them, or at least looking at the perceived cost advantages of doing so. Moving over to a lower costing Cloud-based service is very tempting. But trying to compare the offerings from different service providers is like comparing apples and oranges.

For a start there are three different types of Cloud-based services:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). 

96% Unhappy with outsourced contracts

  • Published on: 9 November 2015
  • By: Admin

As the IT outsourcing market slumps to 10-year low, with contract values down 34%  on the same period last year, we read with interest that 96% of Heads of IT are unhappy with the outsourced IT contracts they had negotiated and plan to retender or renegotiate at least one of their IT outsourcing deals. (‘IT Outsourcing Relationships in Need of an Upgrade?’ 22/4/13).