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How to Achieve Ethical and Sustainable Procurement | eXceeding
Learn about Ethical and Sustainable Procurement and find out what you need to do.

In this modern environment, everyone is concerned about sustainability. We are becoming more aware of our impact on the planet and what we can do to help.

By Steve Rowland on 16 August 2022

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The Different Types of Procurement Methods
Find out more about the different types of procurement and the many procurement methods that are available to organisations and when they are best used.

The UK and global supply chains are part of a dynamic, constantly evolving market, which presents a difficult task for any organisation’s procurement team.

By Steve Rowland on 1 August 2022

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A Guide to Procurement Leaders
Find out more about the traits and skills needed to be a successful procurement leader in any industry.

With the UK’s supply chain changing drastically  post Brexit, there has never been a more valuable time for an organisation to have a strong procurement leader within their team.

By Steve Rowland on 18 July 2022

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What are Procurement Policy Notes
Learn what you need to know about procurement policy notes, what they are, what they provide and how they are used.

Procurement has become an increasingly complex function that tests an organisation’s understanding of the rules and how to work within governmental guidelines to better manage this essential service.

By Steve Rowland on 13 July 2022

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Inflation in public sector procurement
Working with suppliers to mitigate against rising costs

Everyone is feeling the pinch… public sector organisations included. Many are cutting back costs, renegotiating contracts and pursuing efficiencies to help reduce the impact. But what happens when you’re providing essential services, and you can’t cut back? We investigate.

By Steve Rowland on 23 June 2022

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Red Theodolite Under Blue Sky and White Clouds

Keep it simple and be brave!
Top tips for procurement professionals

Procurement Consultant, Cheryl Choong, has a wide experience across both private and public sector organisations. Here, she shares her top tips on how to tackle the common challenges and approach the opportunities that may come your way.

By Cheryl Choong on 21 June 2022

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Improving health and safety in public sector building and construction
Tackling post-Grenfell challenges for safer homes and communities

With the Government’s Building Safety Bill expected to pass into law later this year, public sector procurement professionals can expect yet another layer of complexity and challenge to come their way in 2022, but the good news is that help and guidance is available to support them.

By Steve Rowland on 15 February 2022

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Making it easier to make a difference
Supporting local authorities to access the Government’s Levelling Up Fund

For local authorities operating in deprived areas, there is urgent need for investment in major projects to expand infrastructure, improve connectivity, and create the jobs and homes needed to boost the local economy. We investigate the Levelling Up Fund – a pot of £4.8 billion which has been set aside by the Government to fund investment in so-called ‘high-value local infrastructure’ and how procurement can help to drive this agenda.

By Steve Rowland on 8 February 2022

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What is a Procurement Framework?

When it comes to procurement strategies, there are many different ways to get goods and services for the costs and benefits that a public sector organisation is looking for. In this guide, we take a closer look at what a public sector procurement framework is, how they work, their advantages and disadvantages.

By Jane Shortall on 5 November 2021

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Tackling the challenges in public sector procurement
A ‘how to’ guide to quick, easy, compliant procurement of 21st-century-ready goods, works and services

At eXceeding, we’re always looking for ways to create win-win solutions to problems our clients face, and understand the specific challenges faced by public sector procurement professionals, having spent many years working with local authorities, NHS Trusts and housing associations in particular.

By Steve Rowland on 21 October 2021

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Procurement strategy
A complete guide

In this guide, we will cover all the essential areas to create a digital procurement strategy, what the types of strategies include, and how to develop one. We will help you understand the advantages of establishing your own variety of procurement strategies helping to not only identify areas of cost savings but also creating a more efficient business practice.

By Jane Shortall on 21 September 2021

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