Experienced Executive Search Consultant, Leigh Hatfull, brings a dedicated interim and contractor offer to eXceeding.

  • Published on: 5 March 2020
  • By: Victoria Heritage

In the last quarter of 2019 eXceeding welcomed Leigh Hatfull to its growing team of consultants so we thought it was about time we told you a little more about him and the offer he brings to the business.

Leigh takes on the role of Business Development Manager. He will be overseeing our growing network of consultants and is tasked with building a dedicated recruitment offer - both in terms of permanent and interim/contractor roles - in order to complement the services already provided by our procurement consultants.

Speaking of Leigh’s appointment, MD, Steve Rowland added; “We are delighted Leigh has joined us to build on our existing interim/contractor offering. The timing is great, especially when so many contractors and organisations are facing issues around the uncertainty of IR35. eXceeding’s offering provides IR35 compliance assurance to both contractors and clients alike.”

We recently spent 10 minutes with Leigh picking his brains on his background, what motivates him and his role here at eXceeding.

First off Leigh, just tell us a little about what it is you do.

“I class myself as three things: 1) a recruiter 2) a career coach and 3) a business developer. In essence, I make things happen by connecting people together – I see myself as a catalyst”

So what about your role at eXceeding? How does it complement what eXceeding is already known for - as Bidding & Procurement Consultants?
Whilst providing procurement consulting services to a client, we tend to build strong relationships with senior stakeholders and become trusted advisors. They often ask us to help with other requirements, for example, project or service delivery management. Or sometimes we are asked for assistance with senior leadership roles such as CIO or CFO. These can be on either an interim or permanent basis.

In the past eXceeding’s ability to cater for these requirements was limited, but now, we can deliver to them through the practice that I lead.

I also put together the delivery teams for consulting assignments, bringing in new expertise where required, ensuring the very best client fit and not being forced to use expensive consultants on the bench. One of the key benefits of eXceeding’s delivery model is that it can be tailored to address a client’s specific business challenge.

And finally, I also recruit quality people for our constantly growing internal operations team.”

And what about the journey that has led you to where you are now?
“My career has developed through a couple of main themes that have finally conjoined in my role with eXceeding:

  • The first part of career comprised various sales and sales management roles within the technology sector. I began in the B2C space but quickly decided that I wanted to be in B2B so after a time was able to make the shift.
  • The second part of my career was a move into recruitment, initially with a FTSE250 firm but again, I quickly realised where I wanted to be and joined an executive search boutique.

After a career break that was longer than planned but punctuated by an entrepreneurial endeavour and an (expensive) attempt at share-trading, I joined eXceeding.”

Tell us a little bit about what makes you tick, career-wise.
“A couple of things that I have identified as key values for me in a career (and personal) sense, are Quality and Entrepreneurialism.

  1. Quality. Before I established my sales career I did a spell as a picture framer in a fine art gallery. I enjoyed the bespoke approach to each piece of art and the care required to make the end result enhance or at least complement the artwork. The bespoke approach returned later during my near-decade as an executive search consultant where I was hired to find the needle in the haystack – the person or people who had the experience and skills that could transform a client’s business. It was a lengthy and painstaking process and involved finessing both ends of the solution (role and candidate) in order to make a perfect match. A bit of time and attention to detail separates “it will do” from something special that truly transforms clients organisations and I like to be part of that.
  2. Entrepreneurialism. I’ve worked in various sized companies but I am happiest when building or growing something. I’ve done this as very much a lone wolf recently but reached the conclusion that I am at my best sharing my build and growth endeavours with a group of like-minded people with a common goal.”

Ok great, thanks Leigh.

We also understand that as part of eXceeding’s recruitment practice you will be helping to provide interim consultants to its clients. Let’s talk a little more about that offer…

What do we mean by an interim?

“Interim in the dictionary means ‘in the intervening time’ and in a recruiting sense it usually means hiring for a role or project with a defined start and endpoint.

“It can apply to board level roles such as CIO or CFO (and this is referred to as Interim Management) and can apply to large projects or programs. It can be for specific technical skills that an organisation only needs for a finite time and therefore would make little sense to hire on a permanent basis. Sometimes therefore, we might refer to these roles as ‘contractors’” 

Why might a company choose to employ an interim and when can it be most valuable to do so?
“It’s usually during a period of change or when a project arises which identifies a skills gap or lack of resource within a company’s internal teams.

“Examples would be transformations and change programs, strategic procurements, turnaround management, business improvement, crisis management, strategy development, major systems implementation, acquisitions and mergers.”

What do you think are the key benefits of the interim model over permanent recruitment?
“The main benefit is that you can bring in specific expertise that is the perfect tool for the job at hand and only pay for it as long as you need the tool. In addition to that; an interim…

  • Can help define the problem and the solution
  • Will maintain a level of independence in thought and action (will tend to be less affected by internal politics and emotions)
  • Usually works to formal, clearly itemised deliverables and a timetable
  • Brings an outside view based on what has already worked in practice in similar circumstances.”

What does a typical day look like for you?
There isn’t really a typical day (which suits me) but it will always involve helping clients define a requirement and finding resource(s) (or candidates) that will deliver against it.”

Sounds fun! Thanks Leigh. Just one last question...

What should a company do if they think they might need an interim or that perhaps you could help them source the right person for a specific project?
“I’m always happy to have a conversation and can usually help guide clients to the best solution so they can contact me directly”

T: 0330 088 1087
E: [email protected]