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eXceeding partners with US based, ClearEdge

To expand IT Procurement & Cost Optimisation Services in the US
By Jason Ivemey on 5 November 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for most businesses and eXceeding has continued to support existing and new clients throughout. We have expanded our service offer, bolstered our team of expert procurement consultants and grown our associate network to include a wider base of category experts, with an increased focus on IT managed services and outsourcing.

We are therefore delighted to announce a new US partnership: with Massachusetts-based consultants, ClearEdge.

Why is now the time to expand into the US?

Last month, Gartner reported that worldwide spend on IT will increase by 4%, to total $3.8 trillion in 2021, with almost 30% of this being on IT services alone.

In the US in particular, it is reported that more than 45% of IT spending continues to go to the services sector, comprised of professional services projects, managed services or outsourcing contracts and IT staff augmentation.

Perhaps this is not surprising. Organisations are looking to implement new ways of supporting employees working from home and virtual office set ups, imposed by the pandemic. Within procurement specifically, we are also seeing huge leaps forward in digitalisation and innovative new tools entering the market to monitor spend and increase visibility across supply chains.

All of this results in increased competition for supplier contracts and a need for IT providers to be more agile in the face of change, as well as being able to demonstrate resilience in the face of further disruption.

For eXceeding, this means increased demand for expert procurement IT sourcing and outsourcing advice. CIOs and senior IT Directors are turning to consultancies such as ours to offer advice, and market expertise to ensure that they are receiving both market value and the best possible service from their suppliers.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to continue our expansion Stateside.

So, who is ClearEdge?

ClearEdge is a US-based firm, providing expert advisory services to CPOs and CIOs in order to guide more competitive IT spend.

The company was founded by senior sales executives from large IT suppliers across the US. Informed by current market analytics, ClearEdge enables CPOs and CIOs and their teams to make more competitive IT investments. Their methodology is to combine rigorous inspection and IT financial expertise, to identify risk and opportunity, align internal teams and maintain leverage throughout the lifecycle of supplier relationships.

The result is often the unlocking of millions of dollars from legacy spending, enabling businesses to re-directing funds toward IT modernisation, digital and cloud transformation.

How did this partnership come about?

“For some time now, we have been planning to expand our procurement consultancy offer to the US,” explains Steve Rowland, MD of eXceeding. “We had been exploring setting up an independent office there, but a chance encounter with Jack Garrahan, CEO at ClearEdge, presented the opportunity we’d been looking for.

“Very early into our first conversations, it was clear that we shared common values and a very similar goal – to ensure our clients were achieving the best possible value from their IT services investments.

“The current climate has undoubtedly shone a light on IT suppliers and how they manage the changing landscapes of areas such as working from home and digitalisation. An IT provider’s ability to adapt, innovate and maintain ‘business as usual’ has never been more closely scrutinised.

“Couple that with added pressure on businesses to reduce spend and release budget to invest in innovations in IT, and you can see why the demand for expert consultants with up-to-date market experience is on the increase.

“We are really excited to be able to expand our offer into the US and look forward to working with ClearEdge to assist more clients to optimise their IT spend.”

James Faletra, Managing Director, Cloud & Managed Services, at ClearEdge added:

“By partnering with eXceeding, ClearEdge is investing in its ability to better assist clients with their IT services engagements.

“Fixed and inflexible contracts, an inability for service providers to adapt quickly or revise terms and (most recently) the challenges presented by COVID-19, have all made contracting managed services and controlling costs very difficult for many organisations.

“With the addition of eXceeding resources, ClearEdge’s services practice can now offer a comprehensive and high level of technical support for the discreet IT services and outsourcing transactions, as well as professional counsel over the life cycle of a client/service provider relationship.”

The joint service offer will include areas such as:

  • Supporting clients with needs analysis and ongoing activities of a Professional Services, 3rd Party Labor, Outsourcing, and Managed Services spend transaction.
  • Supporting clients considering – or already engaged in – a Services RFP/SOW Contract/Negotiations.
  • Supplier Optimisation and Consolidation Services.
  • Supplier Transition and Project-Based Services.
  • Vendor Management Analysis and Development-Based Services .
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Development Services.

To discuss the joint service offer available as a result of this partnership, please contact eXceeding’s team in the US:

New Enquiries:

Tel: +1 877-265-5525
Email: [email protected]

If you’d like to hear a little more about ClearEdge and how they work, Chris Powers and James Faletra hosted a really interesting webinar last month entitled: ‘Crafting Successful Managed Services RFPs’.

Highlights include:
  • Overview of the current services purchasing challenges and market trends,
  • Where buyer RFP processes often leak leverage and how to fix it,
  • Tools for competing and optimising your spend,
  • 3 phases to a successful outcome.

You can access a recording via this link.

Jason Ivemey

Jason has spent 25+ years performing leadership roles in technology, outsourcing and procurement. He has led and managed global IT, vendor management and procurement teams for multiple multibillion dollar corporations.

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